Swords Into Ploughshares

The forest is no longer dense.In fact, it is quite bare.You have chopped all the trees. Leaving behind tinderjust waiting for a single match.The wild animals have long sincefled for their lives.Man having forced them out of their natural habitat.They now roam our backyards.You search drawers for your box of ammo.Denying you are the reason …

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The Wrens

I'm looking forward to the wrens return In April after the snow has bid its final farewell Those feisty little things Who keep me entertained From Spring to nearly Autumn They stage a party before they leave A long line of them on a wire That runs from my house to the barn Extended family …

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Fish To Fry

A home so close to the water that you can smell it Hear the gentle lapping In the evening you step outside your back door and cast your line There are big fish to be had for supper The fishwife is waiting Condiments are already on the table. Simple country living.