I Want To Kiss You In The Rain

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“Everybody’s an author.” my friend whined, sarcastically.  “Everybody and their great grandma thinks they can write!

“What’s the matter now?” I asked.”

“Look at these blogs! Who wants to read about what someone does at 3 in the morning?”

“I do!”

Your friend gives you a look like you’re the most pathetic pervert on earth.

“I’m referring to bloggers who make it a habit of sharing their boring morning routines. So they brush their teeth. Well, goody, goody, gumdrop. Does this mean I should press the “like” button?”

“At least they care about their personal hygiene.”

“You just don’t get it. Telling the world that you wash your face with Irish Spring, eat a muffin and a jelly filled donut, and slosh it all down with strong vanilla coffee before shuffling to the computer is just not good writing.”

‘What is it, then?”

“It’s a frigging diary. And what’s worse is that these people get thousands of followers”

“Well, that’s because everyone can relate to jelly donuts.”

“You are totally missing the point. Everybody’s got a sob story. Every other post is about being dumped and I can’t go on without my Pookie Poo or Billy Bob.”

“Well, I’ve written posts about my old love affair. Got most of my followers that way.”

“Oh, yeah, juicy Judy.”

“She was not!”

“She kissed you in the park on your first date!”

“No, I initiated it.”

Oh right. Sure, Uh huh.”


“You couldn’t wait to start a blog about it. How ya’ll sat on this big rock and french kissed till it began to rain buckets and you got a migraine from it. You went straight home to bed and when you got up you wrote a whole nauseating post about 2 minutes of kissing in the rain.”

“I got 22 “likes” and 13 followers on that one!”

Sigh. “Everybody thinks they can write!”

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