The Way To A Man’s Heart

Last night I had a dream that you laughed at some things I had said. I wasn’t even trying hard. Just saying what I believe. But you laughed genuinely as if I was the funniest, most clever person on earth. This is the way to a man’s heart. When a woman laughs at his jokes even if they are not that good.

5 thoughts on “The Way To A Man’s Heart

  1. knowingwithoutknowing

    I would like to elaborate on your thought. Women like it when a guy is being genuine and it makes it easy for them to love. I have noticed so many people wear masks because they fear no one can love the real person underneath, but even if those people are successful at fooling the other, the person of their dreams are in love with a lie. The guy or girl has to work hard to keep the mask in place and sadly they never be loved for who they really are because they never showed that side. Genuine is a good thing. I hope your love laughs wholeheartedly at all your jokes and you get to experience it for real.


      1. knowingwithoutknowing

        I have loads to say on the topic and will be blogging about it next week. It’s easy for me to see it from this angle because I’ve always had a masked stranger staring back at me.


      2. Perhaps most if not all of us start out wearing masks. Then as we get older we see no further use for them. Impressing others is usually a young person’s game. Looking forward to reading your posts.

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      3. knowingwithoutknowing

        I wish it was just young people and something we can grow out of but I would say at least 90% of the world won’t show all their sides for fear of others. This is something I wrote up last night and will share tomorrow. And thank you for being nice.


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