Yes, Virginia, It Does Get Hot In New York State.

We are in the midst of a heatwave in New York State. The Weather Channel has repeatedly issued a heat advisory, poor air quality and heat index of near 105 degrees. They advise against going outside if at all possible. My wife is from Tennessee where the winters are mostly mild, (although they have seen some snow storms) Their summers are long and very warm. When we first got married she and her whole family, (friends and neighbors too) thought New York never gets hot. That we must have cold summers. Although we don’t see 90 degree temps too much, it does happen, it’s happening now and it’s going to happen for at least another week. But, no, New York is not the North Pole, or even Alaska. It does get hot here.

Yesterday morning at six I went outside to finish putting up my privacy fence before the heat hit. It’s not a real fence like those made of wood or metal. What I did was find 4 wood posts that were over 6 feet tall that I had laying around in my barn. I dug holes about a foot deep and dropped the posts in. I didn’t pour any concrete because I don’t want it to be permanent. Just filled the holes with dirt and tamped it down. Then I attached eye-hooks to the posts and put up a privacy netting which I ordered from a catalog. The fabric is mesh/vinyl. It’s about 12 feet long. Not long enough for what I need.  I did order two more, but they were temporarily out of stock. So I have to make do for now until they restock them. It isn’t pretty, but I saved a lot of money by mostly using what I already had.



Below is my mini raised bed garden. We started late (really late) this year so we decided to keep it small and simple. We planted peas, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes and okra. Instead of soil, we used the contents of our compost bin. BTW, the wood fence is my neighbor’s.



Here’s my favorite chair in the backyard. I found it and the table at the curb just down the street, Haven’t had a chance to enjoy it yet because of the oppressive heat. That green box in the far left of this picture (against the fence) is our compost bin made by Rubbermaid. We got it cheap on Craigslist. It has 6 interlocking pieces like a jigsaw puzzle.


Below are some of the holes that wild critters have made in order to take up residency underneath my barn. I have used rocks, bricks and other stuff to try and plug up the holes.



Hope you enjoyed the mini tour!




10 thoughts on “Yes, Virginia, It Does Get Hot In New York State.

    1. The critters are currently living rent free and I don’t charge anything to put up a fence because I only do it for myself. I am not yet one of those retired hubby-for-rent dudes. Maybe I’ll change my mind in a few years. 🙂


  1. I’m also in New York at the moment experiencing the heat wave. Maybe I’m just bringing in the California heat with me wherever I go. I was in Texas and Florida this past month when they had their heat waves, now New York! Sorry. Haha
    And I really like the little simple garden you started. One day when I actually find a house I want to buy, I intend to start a garden of my own.


    1. I forgive you for causing this statewide heatwave. Do you think you can do the same thing this winter?

      This is the first time we started a mini raised bed garden. Our tiller is broken and it’s just not feasible to have long rows and tons of weeds.

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      1. Yeah I understand, no one likes weeds!
        And I wish I could help you for the winter but, I’ll be back in California during that time. We didn’t experience winter last year. It was very dry and hot. I remember experiencing temperatures in the 90’s in December and January.


  2. rollingrhapsody

    I got our backyard chairs from a hard rubbish pile down the street too. It’s the best way to get things! Saves money, and it stops the items going to landfill! Love your DIY projects, whatever works…

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  3. Thank you. I love curb picking.Things have gotten so expensive that it just makes more sense to use the stuff you already have to make something than to go buy it brand new.


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