It’s Too Hot!!

It is very hot this morning. Been hot for a few days now.  Every other blog on here is about how hot it is. The only thing I have any energy for is sitting in the house with the air conditioner running.  Too hot to mow the lawn or tend to my garden. No matter how much I water it, the plants are wilting and the soil is riddled with long cracks. I read somewhere recently about using a piece of plastic pipe, sticking it in the soil of your garden and pouring water inside the pipe. This way you’re watering the roots, not the surface. Isn’t that ingenious? Luckily I have some plastic pipes in my barn which I picked off the curb a few years ago. Didn’t know what I would use it for, but just had to have it because it was FREE!

The cleaning lady has just arrived to work for a couple of hours. I feel badly for her. No one should have to work during a heatwave. If I had any energy I would put a box fan in the kitchen for her. After she leaves, we are going grocery shopping. The wife has an Aldi’s gift card. For those of you who have never heard of it, it’s a grocery store where you have to bag your own purchases. The check out line not only moves faster, but this is how they keep their prices down. I just had a brilliant thought: If we had to stock the shelves too, the prices would really be super low. The only thing the employees would do is take our money. No need for them to have a salary. Everybody’s happy!

The next stop after Aldi’s, will be our favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch. I love those all-you-can-eat buffets. They haven’t raised their prices in years. It’s still $15.10. (for 2 people) I can’t help but wonder if they would make me wash the dishes if I were a dime short.

From there, the wife wants to stop at a Garden Center to look at some plants, especially succulents and cactus which seem to be all the rage right now. Walmart normally has cacti, as well as a lot of other plants/flowers, but last week we noticed there weren’t any cactus left. They have plenty of Venus Flytraps which I love, but I have inadvertently killed every one I’ve ever bought. After 2 weeks they turned brown and just up and died. I guess they require a regular diet of insects. I did try force feeding them some dead flies which I found on a window sill, but they wouldn’t close up their hairy tentacles, or whatever those things are called. I guess they’re picky eaters and prefer healthy bugs. I was even willing to sacrifice one of my fingers to see if sucking my blood would help. They refused to budge. Maybe they had a death wish. So, I don’t buy any more Venus Flytraps.

Neither my wife nor I have a green thumb. (does a green pinky count?) We need plants that are difficult to kill. Cactus require very little care or watering, making them the ideal plant for us. They are also very forgiving if you do forget to water. After all, they’re originally from the desert. They thrive despite being alone and neglected. I imagine they must be very, very hard to kill. I just hope they don’t grow to humongous proportions and take over the whole house. That would be a nightmare. What do you do in a situation like that? Borrow an 18 wheeler Mack truck to tow them to the landfill and hope nobody sees you? This would make a great plot for some horror movie. Reminds me of those black and white films from the 1950’s and 60’s. I would title it: “The Blob,” but that’s been taken.

Well, it’s time for some iced tea and to sit in front of the air conditioner. I’d post a Selfie, but it’s too hot!


12 thoughts on “It’s Too Hot!!

  1. It’s only supposed to be 91 here today and may rain. I am about ready to let me flowers die, but I’d feel guilty after being with them all spring and early summer. My dogs want to pee in the house, but I drag them out.


  2. Little Shop of Horrors. Exactly! I often wonder how is it that plants do so well in a store like Walmart, but when you take it home, it starts the dying process.

    You could get one of those fly swatter zappers. Batteries are often included. Just hit em and they get electrocuted just in case smacking them flat doesn’t do it!


  3. Wil.O

    hahaha /agree on the heat. I’ve been working on repotting succulent seedlings and my work spot is only half shade. I moved one of our outside tables over by me, put a pot filled with soil on top of it and stuck an umbrella in it. Now my spot is full shade!

    I keep seeing the mountain picture at the top and I think y’all are in some luxuriously cool climate. I’m in Oklahoma which everyone thinks weather wise is nice (cept for our tornados). Today for example our high is only 89 and partly cloudy. Sounds great until you hear our humidity is at 82% right now. You start sweating just looking out the window.

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