It’s Too Hot!! Part 2

Yep, there’s a part two, my lucky readers. That’s because today is gonna be hotter than yesterday. So I get to cuss and moan some more. Besides, it’s my blog and I’m a sarcastic cynic by nature, and maybe there’s a little nurture in it too. I call it being a realist, although I’m sure the head shrinks have another name for it. Usually something with 16 letters and impossible to pronounce. Why not just be real and say it’s piss and vinegar?

Yesterday, my wife and I went to Aldi’s to use the gift card someone had given her. While there, we got sidetracked when we ran into a lady we sorta know who is having a yard sale this weekend. She has one every summer on her farm. She sells whatever you can find in the grass. No setting up or packing away. Everything is left outside in the same spot year after year. Now that’s my idea of a lazy man’s yard sale! She has a lot of rusty farm/garden implements, tools, metal buckets, bicycles, crates, baskets, old toys, etc.  After we were done talking with this lady, we went to check out our purchases and forgot to use the gift card.

From there, we went to Walmart. It was so crowded and people were jostling and just being their normal, rude selves (according to my wife), that we quickly got a few things and left. After we stepped out of this very cool store and onto the parking lot, we were hit in the face with a real shocker. The hot, stale air was so oppressive, we could hardly breathe. Very dangerous for someone who’s asthmatic (wife). So we decided not to stop at the local Garden Center. For a while now, my wife has been wanting to buy some succulents. Isn’t that a delicious word? Yet, many of these plants have thick leaves and feel like rubber. There’s nothing tasty about a pricker covered cactus. My wife likes the medicinal properties of the star shaped, spidey looking Aloe plants. If you get a cut or burn, you can snap off a leaf, squeeze out the gel and rub it on your skin.This won’t kill the plant because they just grow another leaf. You can even use Aloe Vera to wash your hair with as it’s supposed to prevent dandruff. Although it’s a pretty plant and always small in the store, they can grow to 3 feet tall.

I believe God gave us plants and herbs for a reason. They have medicinal value. We weren’t meant to produce chemicals in a lab, turn them into pills, charge big money and watch people get addicted or damage their organs. Can you imagine having a pharmacy at a nearby woods or in your own backyard? Even marijuana is a good plant with health benefits. Unfortunately, man has abused certain plants to the point that many people are sick and out of control. So we make the plants illegal. That’s too bad.

I watched a documentary on TV once about these people in a remote village in Brazil who smoke weed on a daily basis. They do it in moderation and no one acts crazy. They have been known to live exceptionally long lives compared to Americans.

Maybe it’s time to move to a remote village in South America. No more doctors or hospitals. If I get sick, I’ll just take a walk in the forest and snap off a leaf.



15 thoughts on “It’s Too Hot!! Part 2

      1. We barely had winter, a couple stretches of pretty cold days but hardly any snow. Then early spring was cool and dry, turned hot and rainy in May and got stuck there.


  1. Wil.O

    Awwww I’m sorry you didn’t manage to pickup any succulents. If you’re going to use the aloe vera for medicinal I’d pick up a couple since they’re not the fastest growing plants. Do y’all live somewhere that you can plant them outside year round?


  2. Wil.O

    I just saw that y’all are in New York so yea… I can’t imagine they’d make it out there sadly. Just remember to not love the plants too much (ie. overwatering has killed more succulents than… I’m not sure where this analogy is going actually).

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