We Bought A Hobbit!

Yesterday, my wife and I headed out to Grandpa’s Garden Center in the morning before the heat got oppressive. (No, not my grandpa, that’s the name of it) A really nice place in the country near the lake in Upstate New York. I noticed an elderly gentleman wearing a straw hat moving slowly amongst the plants with a walker. Maybe he’s grandpa. I dunno. I told my wife to ask him, but I don’t think she heard me. She was making a beeline for the fruit plants and little trees. They had pears, apples, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and grapes. Wouldn’t it be great to have one of each in your backyard?

Next, we looked at the vegetables. My wife kept eyeing this 3 foot tall vine of Husky Red tomatoes they had on sale (with a cluster of green and orange tomatoes hanging on it), so we bought that. Two college girls had to get a knife and untie it from the table it was leaning against, then placed it on a dolly and wheeled it out to our car. It was very top heavy and threatened to wobble like a bobble head. When we brought it home, it was a bit of a struggle getting it out of the car. Some of the tomatoes started falling off, causing my wife to have a mini meltdown. We slowly dragged it to our garden, dug a good size hole, removed it from the container, dropped it into the hole, filled the dirt back in and to our horror it totally collapsed. All that was left was a hot mess. My wife tried to hold it up by putting her arms around it while I ran to the barn to grab some wooden stakes to support the whole thing. When we were finished, it had totally wilted beyond recognition. Watering it thoroughly didn’t make much difference. Maybe it was the shock of being transplanted. I dunno. But it’s no longer 3 feet tall. Much of it is resting on the ground. I took a few pictures of it with my phone, but for some odd reason it won’t upload on my computer.

Anyway, I got a bit ahead of myself. We were still shopping after the tomato vine was put in the car. We wanted to check out the flowers and house plants. They had a very nice selection of succulents, but only a few cactus. Two of which were so tall I thought they were about to keel over in their small plastic container. The third one was a fat little guy, just perfect, so we bought it. We also got some Aloe Vera and what’s called a Hobbit Jade plant, which I thought was neat because the leaves are very thick and tubular.


As you can see, this plump dude below is swelling out of its tiny container, so I will be re-potting it today as soon as I get some cactus soil.







I pray I don’t kill these things. We’ve been moving them to different window sills, just worrying ourselves silly over our new babies.

Guess I better go and binge watch YouTube videos on how to care for your succulents. At least I’ve got an air conditioner and plenty of sweet tea.






5 thoughts on “We Bought A Hobbit!

  1. I have never seen the hobbit variant until today. It’s pretty neat.

    Looking forward to watching your cacti progress. When I was young I always had a Christmas cactus, but left it behind in college, and with all the moves over the years since for work, I hadn’t bothered with houseplants after the first few died from travel. Now that we’re settled, I might just see if I can find a hobbit or Christmas this year.

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  2. I have a regular jade, the tree type. I’ve done well with it. I am not great with succulents. My Christmas cactus is moderately healthy, but I’ve never had muc luck with String of Pearls or aburros tail and I love those. I have mine on the patio in filtered light and water lightly about once a week. Hope yours thrive.

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