My Cat Was Turning Into A Chipmunk

This is our cat, Whiskers. She is convalescing in a basket that sits on a 3 tier shelf in our bathroom. Over the toilet to be more specific. She had an infected tooth on and off for a year where her cheek was so swollen that she looked like Alvin the chipmunk. The first vet we took her to didn’t know what exactly was wrong, but gave her some antibiotics. Three days later her cheek popped open and all the puss came out. We thought: problem solved. Then just recently her face swelled up again. So we took her to a different vet. They said it was an infected tooth. They pulled it. Whiskers is spending day two in the “infirmary.” (This little basket)

We got her at the Humane Society 12 years ago. She was very cross-eyed at the time. My wife said we’re taking her home, she just needs love. A week after we adopted her, her eyes straightened out.




6 thoughts on “My Cat Was Turning Into A Chipmunk

  1. Oh your poor cat having an infected tooth. Its bad enough when us humans have infected teeth but even worse when its babies and animals. Pleased to see that your wife was right, all the cat needed was love and obviously your cat has been surrounded by love ever since it arrived in your home.

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  2. It’s sad that so many animals in these shelters really aren’t doing very well. My wife and I visited this one shelter about 20 miles from where we live. It was so over crowded and flea ridden. Heart breaking.


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