I Saved A Life Today

This morning I went out early to check on our garden. It’s been so dry and hot. Not a drop of rain in days. The wife watered everything deeply last night. As I was checking on the cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, peas, okra, etc, I noticed something was moving underneath the roofing paper I had laid down under the raised beds in order to keep the weeds out. I had to put down two sheets which means there’s a slight opening between them. Somehow, a critter got under it and couldn’t get out. All I could see was a small shadow of an animal jumping and moving around, trying to push its way to freedom. I carefully lifted up one corner, but it still couldn’t figure it out. So I lifted it up some more. Finally, out flew a robin!

As you can see in the photo below, there’s a small opening between the metal wash tub and the raised beds. That’s the only way the robin could have gotten inside. It amazes me that it even wanted to. Unless there was a fat juicy worm it couldn’t resist.


Below is my Rubbermaid compost box. It’s indestructible. It has 6 interlocking pieces and is accessed by lifting off the top on either side. Got this real cheap on Craigslist. We put mostly food scraps, leaves, coffee filters and grass clippings. This box has no bottom which means animals can dig under it and get to the scraps. I’ve had to lay a piece of wood underneath.


Below is the Husky Red tomato vine we bought the other day at a Garden Center. It was  3 feet tall until we transplanted it. Then it shriveled. But it’s trying to recover. It isn’t pretty, but we are getting a lot of tomatoes.




5 thoughts on “I Saved A Life Today

  1. We put up a fence one year so my husband dug 6ft post holes. Well a little mouse fell down there. It ended up dying but we tried to save it. I can’t handle it when wildlife gets hurt in my yard. It happens a lot unfortunately but I always cry! At least you had a happy ending!


  2. I don’t like seeing animals die either, especially if I can help it. A few years ago when I had a little pond (it was just a kiddie swimming pool I had placed in a hole I dug), I looked out the window and saw something flailing about in the water. It was either having a good bath or it was struggling. By the time I got outside and to the pond, everything was still. I looked and saw the biggest frog I have ever seen in my life floating on the surface. It was dead. I buried it. Still can’t figure out what happened. Did it drown? Was it sick? Injured?. All the other little toads and frogs never had a problem.


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