Day At The Farmers Market

Yesterday my wife and I went to the Farmer’s Market near where we live. Although we have a small garden, we like to buy some things that we didn’t plant. We picked up some snap peas which I love to eat raw. We also got some Turkey Tail mushrooms. I like this particular Market because they sell more than just fruits and vegetables. They have Amish and Mennonite vendors who sell baked goods. You can also buy plants and flowers. One lady was selling sunflowers for $6.00 a bunch.


Turkey Tail Mushrooms.




Below is a wonderful selection of cactus and other succulents. The nice thing was that this vendor had unique containers. None of that cheap plastic stuff you get at Walmart or Garden Centers.



I bought this beautiful cactus in a terra cotta pot for $4.00


Look at the little babies.




We also made a stop at a small family owned Nursery. We have driven by there many times over the years, but never checked it out. The owner was working alone and much of what we saw were plants that really need a good home. Many were bursting out of their containers and in need of re potting. I was on the lookout for cactus and other succulents, but didn’t see any until we were about to leave when I spotted a table full of Hens and Chicks. They were two for $4.50. Who can resist that? I highly recommend going to these little family run Nursery. It’s not an easy business. They work hard to turn a profit.

Here’s the Hens and Chicks we bought. We transplanted them in bigger pots. The mother hen is in the center surrounded by her chicks,





6 thoughts on “Day At The Farmers Market

  1. Wil.O

    I forgot I meant to ask about the mushrooms too. We love shrooms in our house. Are they dried? I wonder if you can rehydrate them and then saute them in a bit of butter and evoo.

    PS: Remember not to love your succulents too much. Your cacti is adorable… I have no idea what it is. Maybe from the echinopsis family. When it flowers make sure to take a picture. A) I wanna see it and B) that really helps to identify an unknown cacti.


    1. I’m no expert on cactus, I just like their look. I did google some and it seems to resemble the Easter Lily which is of the echinopsis family. Do you think they need to be re potted soon in a bigger container?

      The Turkey Tail mushrooms do look like they are dried. They are very good for the immune system and cancer treatment. I usually see them in powder form.


  2. Wil.O

    I’d add a bit of top dressing to the pot (pea pebbles or gravel or you can go more decorative if you want) but other then that I’d leave it be. It should take a few years before it really fills the pot out and then it’ll look super great. You can either repot it then or leave it to keep filling some more.

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