The Attorney Who Dropped Dead

I was very shocked to learn that my alter ego had recently called an attorney. He recited to me the conversation that took place in Mr. Brown’s office.

Mr. Brown: “What brings you here, sir?”

Ego: “I want to sue the business I had been working for.”

Mr. Brown: “Okay. What is the complaint?”

Ego: “They have refused to pay me.”

Mr. Brown: “How long had you been working there?”

Ego: “Sixteen and a half years.”

Mr. Brown: “When was the last time you got a paycheck?”

Ego: “I have never gotten a single penny.”

Mr. Brown: “What!? You have never been paid all those sixteen and a half years!?”

Ego: “That’s correct.”

Mr. Brown: “Oh, boy! This is the case I have been waiting for! We’re gonna be rich, my friend!”

Ego: “We are?”

Mr. Brown: “Oh yes, indeed! We are going to sue the pants off of your sleazy employer!”

Ego: “I’m gonna be a millionaire?”

Mr. Brown: “Pretty darn close. What is the name of this business?”

Ego: “Pets Plus.”

Mr. Brown: “All right. What did you do there?

Ego: “Fed the animals, cleaned their cages, swept the floors, stuff like that.”

Mr. Brown: “Okay, and what was your rate of pay?”

Ego: “Um, well, that’s the problem.”

Mr. Brown: “What do you mean?”

Ego: “I was a volunteer.”



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