Night Time Shenanigans

Across the road from me lives a nice lesbian couple. They bought their old farmhouse six months before my wife and I bought ours. Some nights when I lay awake in bed I can see them walking around their yard with flashlights and their heads down, doing only God knows what. Maybe they’re just looking for worms. They spend hours several nights a week in their garage sometimes until 2 or 3 AM. It’s the go-to place where they entertain their guests, though I can’t imagine why they prefer to drink and laugh there and not in the house. I often wonder too how they keep all the mosquitoes away during the summer and don’t freeze their butts off in the winter.

Recently they had a Halloween party as they do every year. Their front lawn looked like those ancient, abandoned cemeteries with very old, crumbling tombstones. Each one with morbid writings on it, like: “I’m A Goner.” Ghosts and goblins showed up in their little cars and old trucks, all heading for the garage. Some stood outside around a raging fire pit looking like witches with a caldron. It was spooky.

One Halloween a few years back, my wife and I were invited. I stayed home and watched TV, but my wife went out of curiosity. She wanted to know what this fascination is with their garage. We were conjuring up images of all kinds of illicit things. So she got dressed up as a hillbilly dude with a fake beard, flannel shirt and camouflage hunting cap. She intended to be  incognito and spy out the place. It worked for 2 minutes until she opened her mouth. That Tennessee accent gave her away. An hour and a half later she returned home smelling of cigarettes and without the beard. I asked her if she checked out the place. She said she was having so much fun that she forgot all about it. She also told me that the furniture we tossed at the curb were in their garage and for a moment she thought she was standing in our living room. Can I have my favorite blue recliner back?

I admit my neighbors are fun to watch. But they are strange. They never seem to to go to bed and prefer the shroud of darkness when the neighborhood is asleep. They even waited until midnight to scrape and paint their porch. Sometimes when the street lamp is out and it is pitch black, I can see the glowing embers of their cigarettes. Yet, there’s something comforting in all of this. I just haven’t figured out what it is yet.

I recently heard they will be selling their house soon. I’ll miss their nocturnal shenanigans, but this will give me the perfect opportunity to spy out their garage.

8 thoughts on “Night Time Shenanigans

  1. Okay this seriously made me laugh…did you get your favorite blue recliner back? People are people, regardless of what may seem strange to us. I am having a tough time understanding a certain individual I work with – some behavior seems strange to me. I am working at accepting them as they are….God doesn’t make mistakes, does He?

    Thanks for the chuckles!

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    1. You make a good point. We’re all in this world together and we all have our likes, dislikes, quirks, etc. I guess I think people who aren’t in bed by 10 PM are not normal, lol Those who spend more time in their garage than in their house are curiously interesting.

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  2. I don’t know what their working schedule is, but I can say that when both my spouse and I are working full time (and that often means more than 40 hours), sometimes nights are the only time we get not bill paying stuff done. Here, we don’t do much outside in the later hours. We also still don’t know many folks to hang out with either.

    If I ever get my shop set up in the cellar, I will definitely be spending some late night/early morning hours down there. I won’t use power tools that late, though! Neighbors are too close and I don’t want to be that annoying neighbor.

    Speaking of, the one side neighbors throw a lot of outdoor gatherings in the warmer months. Some gathering last all day and most of the night. There is a lot of their extended family in the area, and for whatever reason (the house itself is quite small) they all congregate next door. They have screen/tents set up in front and back yard, bonfires, music till too late in the hours for early risers’ liking (which is why I’m glad our bedroom is on the other side of the house), and the occasional drunk yelling match, often at the tail end before things break up for the night.

    We are no longer in a 9-5 world. There used to only be a small percentage of jobs that would continue after supper. A lot of folks juggle multiple part time jobs just to get by on top of whatever child rearing and family gatherings they have going on that takes up their days. So it may seem out of place in a more rural setting to have neighbors like that, but I also understand why it can happen too.

    For what it’s worth, I’m curious about the fate of the recliner as well!

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    1. Oh..and commuting too! More and more rural communities are becoming commuter havens due to their workplace being expensive living. Even where we live, there are folks that buy homes and they are commuting to Boston every day! Not a short commute at all from here, especially during rush hours. So that can cut down available time to do things too.

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      1. Thanks for responding. You are right in that people are working all kinds of hours, and long ones too. My neighbors, the two ladies, one of them does not work. She is home during the day, mows the lawn, works in the garden, etc. Her partner works 9-5. They are wonderful people. Will go out of their way if we need help.

        As for the blue recliner, as far as I know it’s still in their garage. Probably worn out by now and only good for a garage anyway. LoL


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