I stepped into an elevator.

There were

writings on the walls

in different languages.

I could not make out

a single word

or symbol.

I stepped out

and asked a man

“Is this America?”

He looked at me as if

I were odd,


Then walked

briskly past

as if not to catch

my germs.

I stepped into an office

and spotted a woman

behind plexiglass.

“Are we in America? I asked.

She immediately

closed the glass partition

and disappeared

somewhere in the back.

l looked around the room

filled with people.

Bewildered, I shouted

“Can anyone tell me if we are in America?”

An elderly lady

looked up from her knitting.

“Are you unwell?”

“I am fine!”

“What is wrong with you?”

I said.

“And you?

and you?

I can’t read

any of these posters

on the walls.

Why isn’t anything

in English?”

Two men

grabbed me by the arms

and took me away.


I heard one of them say.

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