Is This All There Is?

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The other night I was watching a program on TV called: Expedition Unknown. Josh Gates is a guy who travels all over the world to investigate different things. In one episode, he tries to find out what happened to the ruby slippers that Judy Garland wore in the Wizard of Oz, which had been stolen from a museum. In another, he travels to Argentina, to look for proof that Adolph Hitler lived there for a while after faking his own death.

The episode I watched was about the afterlife; what happens when we die. Josh interviewed a lot of people in order to get different perspectives. One of the people he spoke with was Penn Jillette, a magician and staunch atheist. Josh asked Penn about his beliefs. Penn believes that when we die, we just cease to exist. That we only live on through the memories of others and through our DNA if we have children. He said it will be like it was in 1910, meaning, we didn’t exist then and we won’t exist after we die. He goes on to talk about his mother who died a slow and painful death. He remembers sitting there, holding her hand and thinking: if he believed in a god, he would be enraged at this god for allowing suffering. By focusing too much on the afterlife, Penn said it’s possible to miss the little things in life. In other words, he believes this life is all he has. He ends the short interview by saying that there is much solace in atheism. Yet, he looks anything but peaceful. There is no light in his eyes.

Atheism is without hope. It believes in nothing but in one’s self. To believe we are here for no reason or just a product of happenstance and that when we die that’s the end; we are no more. Where is there any solace in that?

God’s word says: “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” (1 Corinthians 2:9)

We who are Christians have an eternal blessed hope in Christ. To be absent in the body is to be present with the Lord. We live on after this life. Forever.


35 thoughts on “Is This All There Is?

  1. Very good post brother. All truth in what you presented.

    I’ve watched that show also.
    And while I enjoy vicariously visiting those interesting places. I simultaneously cringe when I see his spirit expressed through his mouth.

    I have a similar point of view when I watch “river monsters” with Jeremy Wade.

    The places he goes are interesting.

    But I once saw him in India or Nepal (I can’t remember which one), but anyway, he had to go kiss up to the local “holy man” (witch doctor) to fish in a certain area.
    And he was going along with some evil ritual to appease the witch doctor.

    And I was thinking…it would be a cold day in hell before I would cooperate with that ….!

    It’s nice to hear from you country boy.

    By the way, my wife and I are genuine hicks too. We’re from Anahuac Texas, although we currently live in Katy Texas.

    Where are y’all from?


    1. Lee, I saw that episode of River Monsters. I used to watch it quite a bit because there isn’t much quality programs on TV anymore. I sometimes marvel how people fall for witch doctors and so called: holy men. It seems if one isn’t a believer in Jesus Christ, they will believe most anything they find in the world.

      I’m from a very small town in New York State. My wife is from Tennessee. She is still teaching me the difference between y’all and all y’all

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  2. This is so good. I think the only solace in being an atheist would be the deception of not being responsible to answer to anyone but yourself. No accountability for your personal sins. No absolute standard to live by. The thought of ceasing to exist is terrifying to me. But not as much as eternal hell. Perhaps that is the solace. Thanks for posting!

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    1. Thank you! I wonder if atheists believe there’s such a thing as: sin. They know right from wrong, as we all have a moral compass, but do they view the wrongs as sins? Since they don’t believe in God, they don’t believe they are transgressing against God when they do bad things. I agree that anything would be better than hell.

      Thanks for commenting.

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      1. Whether or not people choose to label sin as sin doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t know they’re sinning. In Romans God says that man is without excuse because what can be known about God is plainly visible. At some point in everyone’s life they innately know that there is a God. What we do with that as we go about the course of our lives will determine our ultimate destiny. Your thoughts?


      2. I believe that God has put a sense of Himself in every human, but not every human believes in Him. In every culture we see people doing rituals and worshiping something. (There was a people in some remote area that worshiped cows) They have an innate sense that there’s something higher than themselves, but many do not believe in the Creator God of the bible. There are New Agers like Oprah Winfrey who believe that anything can be our higher power. Some people worship trees, Buddha, etc. There are a lot of folks who believe that they are morally good and will go to heaven based on that. I have witnessed to Catholics and showed them from the bible that all are sinners. Usually they get offended and defensive and say: “I’m a good person. I don’t break the laws, etc.”

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      3. this atheist doesn’t believe in “sin” since that is only something that would concern someone who believed in offending some god. If people do harmful things to other people, that’s not a sin, it’s just being selfish, vicious and stupid. I do believe we all have morals, but those are subjective since they have happily changed and gotten better over the millenia. I don’t need to pretend some god is responsible for objective morals since we have in the bible this god doing horrible things. If something is horrible for humans to do, but you excuse a god for doing it, all you have is a “might equal right” morality.

        I also don’t believe in hell or heaven, and Christians don’t agree on what those words actually mean either, or what gets you into one or the other. In that no Christian can do what is promised Christians can do in the bible, there is no reason to think any of you has the “right” answer.


      4. I agree with you that atheists do not recognize wrongdoing as sin since they do not hold themselves accountable to God or any higher power.

        When you say Christians don’t agree on heaven and hell, how do you know they are truly Christians? Many give themselves that label just because they attend church, etc, but they are not believers in the Gospel that Christ died for their sins and rose again on the 3rd day. There’s a difference between truly believing in Christ alone for one’s salvation and just giving lip service or asking Christ into one’s heart. That’s not the gospel. Thanks for commenting.


      5. Sicne there are no higher powers, it’s rather hard to be accountable to them.

        You bring up a good point, how does one tell who is a True Christian? In that none of you can do what is promised to baptized believers in Jesus Christ as savior, it seems that none of you are. Each Christian claims that only those that agree with him are True Christians, and each Christian have no more evidence than the next. Why can’t you convince each other who has the one true right way? And why should I believe you that you are the one?


      6. You are free to believe whatever you wish. You are free to believe that humans and the whole earth/universe is just an accident. As for me, I am overjoyed to believe in the Creator God of the Holy Scriptures.


      7. Well, ACB, I don’t believe that humans and the whole universe were accidents. They weren’t. We are here thanks to physical/chemical laws that work all of the time; even you depend on them.

        Yes, I’m sure you are overjoyed to think that you and you alone believe correctly in the Christian god. Just like you, a Christian who doesn’t agree with you is just as overjoyed, as is a Muslim, a Hindu, etc.


      8. I think we will just have to agree to disagree and leave it there. This is WordPress. It’s not a place to argue or debate. If you are interested in having further discussion, you can click on my Contact button and it will go to my email.


      9. If you wish to send me an email, that is fine, but you have just proven my point that debates are really a waste of time. If by attacking me this is your idea of a debate, not interested. Sorry.


      10. I have never said I was not willing to discuss. Only that a debate (which is I am right, you are wrong nonsense) is a waste of time which you have clearly shown. I sent you an invite to email me. You have not taken me up on the offer. Why?


  3. According to the Bible, upon death, one ceases to exist. There is no shadowy or smokey figure or entity that leaves the body upon death. The Bible doesn’t support that false idea. When we die, our physical body simply blends in with the elements of the earth. We return to dust and dirt (Genesis 3:19)

    For centuries, nominal religion has promoted and supported the false idea of an afterlife, thus many, the masses have been mislead into believing that one’s beloved friend or relative is somewhere watching over them and others. Some believe that the dead can harm or help them. Many believe that the dead can communicate with the living which is simply a falsehood.


    1. Yes, our body returns to the dust, but our spirit lives on and will either be in heaven or hell. The apostle Paul said to be absent in the body (dead) is to be present with the Lord. I don’t believe the dead can communicate with the living.

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      1. ACountryBoy, when I think about God’s original purpose for obedient mankind and His, God’s, original purpose for the earth, my mind goes back to the first Book of the Bible, Genesis. There we are given a bird’s-eye view of what was and still is in-store for the earth and obedient mankind. The book of Genesis, the first 3 chapters do not mention anything about a heavenly hope for obedient and faithful servants of God. Had Adam and Eve not been disobedient, they’d still be alive today. Adam and Eve were not going to eventually go to heaven had they remained obedient to God. Those 3 chapters in Genesis do not mention about a fiery hell where the disobedient go for an eternity, to be tortured forever. A loving God would not do or create such a place as a fiery hell to torture people forever.

        IF there were such a hell for bad or wicked people, wouldn’t the Bible book of Genesis have mentioned that Adam and Eve were there? After all, because of Adam and Eve’s gross disobedience to God, we and the world today are suffering sickness, old age and death. Surely IF there were a hell the Bible would have mentioned that they were there being tortured and tormented (Romans 5:12).

        From the time they disobeyed God, they and any future generations that came from Adam’s loins became imperfect and the sting of sin, imperfection and death has become a way of life for all humans at that point up to now (Romans 5:12).

        Think about this scripture found at Psalms 115:16 — “As for the HEAVENS, they belong to God (Jehovah). But the EARTH He has given to the SONS OF MEN.” Think about that. God doesn’t need anymore angels or persons in heaven with Him because their are myriads upon myriads of angel already there that He created before He created humans (Revelation 9:16). The Bible however, mentions a literal number of 144,000 persons from around the world, who will be taken from the earth to serve as kings and priests with Jesus Christ in the heavens. The rest of us, the majority of obedient mankind will be living happily and peacefully upon a beautiful, paradise earth of God’s making (Revelation 21:3-5, Psalms 37:10-11, Psalms 37:29, and Psalms 37:37, Revelation 14:3-4, Revelation 5:9-10, Luke 22:28-30).

        Even those countless millions of dead persons will be brought back to life by means of a beautiful miracle called the “resurrection”. They will have the real prospect of living forever on earth without ever dying again (Acts 24:15, John 11:11-45, Isaiah 26:19, John 5:28-29, John 5:25).

        BTW, the number of a myriad is 20,000 times 10,000, or 200,000,000. that’s a lot of angels 😃. So why would God need more angels.
        Think about this too: At Isaiah 45:18 it says: “For thus saith the LORD that created the heavens, God Himself that formed the earth and made it. He hath ESTABLISHED IT. He formed it to BE INHABITED: I am the LORD; and there is none else.” In other words the earth will always be here for humans to live on. God did not simply create the earth for nothing, just because He had nothing else better to do. 😃 KJV. He, God had and still has a wonderful purpose for the earth and all life that lives upon it.

        Sooooo, not all good or righteous people go to heaven. And anyone bad that dies before “the great tribulation and Armageddon”, will be brought back to life to be given and another chance at life during Christ’ Millennial Reign of a 1000 years. When a person dies, whether they were good or bad, their slate of a lifetime of sin has been wiped clean (Matthew 24:21-22, Romans 6:7). Only a tiny “flock of obedient mankind” taken from the earth over a span of decades will be resurrected to the heavens to rule with Jesus in his heavenly Father’s Kingdom/Government (John 10:16, Matthew 6:9-10).


      2. God did not originally create hell for humans, but for satan and his minions. However, Jesus warned a lot about hell. Why?

        Yes, it’s true that we don’t read about heaven in the Old Testament. Heaven is the home of Christians. That’s their inheritance. The Jews, God’s chosen people, do not have a heavenly home. They are earthly people who were given by God, earthly promises. When Jesus comes back, he will rule on earth in Jerusalem with the Jews. Theirs is an earthly kingdom. Ask any Jew today what he thinks will happen when he dies. He will never say he will go to heaven. They know nothing about that. However, if a Jewish person believes in Jesus Christ, they become a Christian and will go to heaven because the bible says there is neither Jew nor Greek in Christianity, but all are ONE.

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  4. Why would a God of love create hell for bad people? That goes against the scripture found at 1st John 4:8 which says: “…God is love.” Think too, even the hardest metal or hardest known substance will eventually breakdown from extreme degrees of heat and fire. Nothing burns forever. The “lake of fire” mentioned in Revelation is symbolic and it represents endless, non-existence for anyone or anything that is thrown into the “lake of fire”. It’s interesting too, that “Death and Hades” were hurled into the “lake of fire.” QUESTION: Death and the Grave are not tangible or material substances/things that can be burned. You cannot burn a condition or situation which is what death and hades are. Also, can something invisible be burned? Can a spirit be burned? No. (Revelation 20:10, Revelation 20:14-15).

    As I’ve stated in my previous answer to you with a scripture to back up what I’m saying, is that the vast majority of obedient, righteous, mankind will live forever on a beautiful, peaceful, transformed paradise earth. Not heaven. (Psalms 115:16).


    1. May I ask: are you a Jehovah’s Witness?

      In the bible, hell is described as “fiery.” A place where there will be “weeping and gnashing of teeth.” “Eternal fire.” Does that sound like the grave?

      God has done everything to spare each person from the judgment of hell. God the Son, Jesus Christ, went to the cross, suffered and died for every person to pay the penalty of God’s judgment on sin. Most people believe one goes to hell because one has done bad things, i.e., because of sins, but God solved the sin problem with Christ’s death on the cross and His glorious resurrection. The Bible teaches that one goes to hell because they have rejected God’s love and Christ’s work on the cross. God doesn’t send anyone there.

      As for nothing burning forever, the bible tells us that God will give the unbeliever a body that cannot be destroyed. Our resurrected body will be different from the body we now have. Our earthly bodies are fit for this world; the resurrection body will be fit for eternity, either in heaven or hell.

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      1. As long as that believer remains in an approved state from God’s viewpoint and standpoint, they will not believe destroyed forever. However, if that believer “backslides or draws away from the true God, Jehovah, the out come will be disasterous for that former believer (2nd Peter 2:20-22). In other words, the Bible doesn’t teach the false notion of “once saved, always saved”.

        The Bible and I agree that our physical body is created for the earth (Psalms 115:16).
        QUESTION: In your opinion ACountryBoy, what is a true Christian? What are the characteristics of a true Christian based on the Bible? And what main work or activity would a true Christian be engaged in to gain God’s approval and blessings. Also, did God create the earth simply for nothing? Nominal religion or most religions believe that the righteous are gonna be raptured to some heavenly bliss and the wicked will be confined to the fiery Gates of hell. If that were really the case, what is going to happen to the earth? (Isaiah 45:18). According to religious beliefs the earth will be destroyed, but according to the Bible that will not be the case (Ecclesiastes 1:4).
        In some Bible versions and translations hell is described as “fiery”. In the Bible, fire is can denote total destruction or complete annihilation.

        As for the “weeping and gnashing of teeth” there will be none going on once a bad or wicked person has died (Romans 6:7). Also, how do you explain Ecclesiastes 9:5-6 and Ecclesiastes 9:10?

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      2. A true Believer (Christian), according to Scriptures, is one who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ, that He died for our sins and on the 3rd day, rose again. (1 Corinthians 15:1-4) A true Christian believes in the gospel of the grace of God. That we are saved by faith and not of works. (Ephesians 2:8, 9) A true Christian recognizes that Jesus is God, the Son, not another god separate from God the Father.

        The word ‘rapture’ may not be in the scriptures, but Paul taught a catching up of believers (the Church, also called the body of Christ), to meet Christ in the air and there shall we be forever with the Lord. (1 Thess 4: 13-17)

        If you wish to have a discussion you can click on my Contact button and this will go to my email. WordPress isn’t a place to discuss or debate at lengths.

        You may also want to get yourself the Authorized King James Version (AV) . It used to be the Holy Bible of the JWs.


      3. Where on your profile page is your “Contact button”? I would prefer to contact you that way if you wish. Although, I am anxious to address your recent or current reply. Out of respect for you and and my God Jehovah I will not give the appearance of arguing or debating God’s Word with you or others ☺️ (2nd Timothy 2:24-26).


  5. “Atheism is without hope. It believes in nothing but in one’s self. To believe we are here for no reason or just a product of happenstance and that when we die that’s the end; we are no more. Where is there any solace in that?”

    This atheist has lots of hope, which I know terrifies many Christians who want everyone to agree with them and use false claims of hopelessness to try to scare people into believing. I also have plenty of reason to live, and those reasons are quite a bit better than thinking I’m just here as some magical being’s plaything. I help other people, I love my spouse, pets, friends and family. I enjoy life and don’t whine about how awful it is like so many Christians. I have great hope for humanity and our place out in the universe.

    I also don’t think we are here because of “happenstance”. We are here because of physical/chemical laws. And in the end, we are indeed no more. I don’t need any solace from where I’ll be after I’m dead. The silliness of “heaven” means no more to me than claims of the Elysian Fields or the ridiculous heaven of the Muslims.


    1. Where do you get the idea that Christians are terrified of atheists? As a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, I do not want everyone to agree with me, but I do want them to know Jesus and what He did on the cross. One is free to accept it or reject it. Look at it this way. If, as a Christian, I am wrong about heaven and hell being real and forever, then so what? At least I had comfort and hope during this lifetime. But if an atheist is wrong and there is a heaven and a hell, they have everything to lose because only hell will be their eternal destiny. They will miss out on heaven.


      1. Why do I think Christians are terrified of atheists? Because you do your best to lie about us. Fear leads to hate and hate leads to trying to harm that which you fear.

        You offer pascal’s wager, a common attempt to again make non-chrisitans afraid. What you forget about this wager is that you assume that you and only you has the right answer/god. There is nothing to indicate that this is true.

        As for heaven, again, ACB (and I am a country gal myself), why can’t Christians agree on what it is or how to get there? In your other response, you are quite sure that those “other” Christians aren’t right, but you have no more evidence than they do that you are. This tendency from all types of Christians is bemusing since you have all declared that your religion is not a major world religion at all, many thousand minor ones, each sure that the others are wrong. So much for the US being a “Christian nation”.

        A happy contented atheist is what theists fear. We by our mere existence shows that your god and your religion isn’t necessary. You have to believe that they are, and that only those that agree with you are good, the rest evil.

        I grew up as a Christian (and yes, I know you’ll try say I didn’t). I got to watch Christians do their best to try to convert each other. You need others to agree with you, or your idea that only you have the right answer doesn’t work. The claim that people can accept or reject it isn’t that simple, because if I reject your claims, then I get attacked. Too many atheists have been murdered by theists who are sure that anyone who doesn’t accept their version is evil/satanic.


  6. ‘Atheism is without hope. It believes in nothing but in one’s self. To believe we are here for no reason or just a product of happenstance and that when we die that’s the end; we are no more. Where is there any solace in that?’ According to A Country Boy.
    Nonbelievers believe in this life, the only one we, and everyone else, will ever have. So it seems the faithful believe because it gives them solace? Solace for the living for a loved one that is dead. Nonbelievers have the same feelings of love and loss as the deluded monotheists. The arrogance of believers to say otherwise is disgusting! Why do believers believe that they are so blessed, so special, that they can survive death. Ah, yes. In the Bible it tells that this guy Jesus was physically resurrected and ascended to heaven. Sorry, but they have been scammed . GROG


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