Demon Possession

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The following is a portion of Brother Warner’s account of a woman’s deliverance from devil-possession, which occurred while he was there.

“For some months past Mrs Samuel Worden of Battle Creek, Mich. had created quite an excitement in the papers throughout the country by the exercise of a supernatural power of healing. People have come from a considerable distance to be treated, and letters have poured in from every direction. Some cases of healing were actually performed.

The woman (Mrs Worden) and her husband, hearing of our meetings, came to hear the gospel and seemed willing to hear the truth. She confessed that they were not fully saved and filled with the Spirit as they should be, although she claimed to heal in the name of Christ and by the power of God. She soon came to the altar. God enabled us to see her condition pretty correctly. We told her she was in the “gall of bitterness and the bonds of iniquity.” She acknowledged the fact and desired deliverance. In the course of a few days she professed to have found salvation. There seemed to be a change; but still there was something in her from which the Spirit of God in our heart recoiled. She tried to consecrate for sanctification, but could not claim that grace.

On the afternoon of October 26, the power of God was upon our little meeting. There were four cases of healing by the laying on of hands. Sister Worden said that she had suffered for many years in an awful manner with what she called a confused headache. She had hands laid on her for the healing. The Spirit came on us and her in mighty power. She claimed what had been prayed for, a complete healing of her body. Presently there were strange manifestations, which the most of us at once recognized as the writhing of evil spirits in her. We asked God to show her just what it was. Presently she said, “Brother Warner, pray for me.” We asked her what she wanted. She replied: “that the devil, might be cast out.” This was the confession we desired to draw out of her. Hands were laid on her head, and the demons were commanded to come out of her in the name of Jesus Christ. The poor victim was soon convulsed and choked by the hellish spirits, which had to come out by the power of God. She obtained relief, sat up, but did not look clear. We all kept looking to God to complete the work. Hands were laid on again in the name of Jesus. Another struggle ensued. Then we perceived that to get complete deliverance there had to be a more perfect consecration, confession, and mortification. We proceeded to use the sword of the Spirit in every possible manner. But a miserable don’t-care devil answered to every point of consecration.

Oh, what an awful condition the poor woman was in! How discouraging! The devils had so long held possession of her that they had almost taken possession of her own will and thoughts. And this awful enemy had so tortured her head that she had had a hard struggle to keep out of the asylum; so when he was pressed by the power of God he caused such distress and confusion in her head that he could use her mind and organs of speech. But by the grace and mercy of God, conviction reached her conscience. The poor woman made some humiliating confessions, was humbled down, and wept. She confessed her association with Spiritualists, which Satan had tried to conceal before. Glory to God, his chief nest was now revealed. The Spiritualism devil was commanded to come out of her in the name of Christ. Oh, how he tortured the poor woman! Her throat became greatly swollen. How the legions of hell struggled against the power of God! She was pretty thoroughly decided for God; declared she would have every last spirit cast out if it killed her. Glory to God for the mighty Deliverer! Relief came by the hand of Jesus. A great measure of peace filled her soul. She sat up in the rocking-chair and her hands were raised while we sang songs of victory for the space of an hour.

Two days later she discovered that there was still in her heart something that was not right, and a close examination discovered that she had some lingering love for Spiritualists. She confessed it, when she soon found that more evil spirits were revealed. By the laying on of hands and the power of God she was fully delivered, after which she consecrated wholly and entered the sacred rest of entire sanctification. On Saturday, hands were laid upon her for healing. The mighty power of God came upon her and filled her soul and body, and she was perfectly healed from the awful tortures Satan had afflicted upon her for many years. Praise God for his wonderful mercy to the oppressed children of men! For years this poor woman had struggled hard to keep out of the insane asylum; now she says; “I am clothed and in my right mind.” Her neighbors see the great change in her countenance. One woman looked upon her with astonishment, and said, ‘Why, how your face and voice are changed! Surely these meetings are the true work of God!”

Excerpts from the book: “Birth Of A Reformation: The Life And labors of D. S. Warner” By A. L. Byers

10 thoughts on “Demon Possession

  1. You know what I was thinking as I read that interesting account country boy?

    I was wondering if she was saved, (because of two reasons).

    (I perceived the story to be an account about a Christian woman who had to have several exorcisms before she was all clear of demonic spirits).

    I was thinking, I don’t recall anywhere in scripture where a Christian had been possessed by an evil spirit. And I don’t see how that’s possible. Because the Spirit of God indwells every Christian. So if a Christian is indwelt by an unclean spirit, then that would mean that God allows an unclean spirit to be His roommate.

    So based on that, I would think that the lady wasn’t actually born again during this time. And based on that, I would further examine the discernment and doctrine that that preacher believes.

    (Remember, this is based on my perception that he was saying that this was a Christian woman. But I may have misunderstood the narrative).

    Something to consider.

    Lord bless you my brother and friend. And I enjoy your articles very much. 🤠

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    1. You are right, Lee, a born again believer cannot be demon possessed. They can be oppressed by the devil, but not possessed. I don’t know what these preachers knew about this in the 1800’s. They surely met a lot of folks who needed healing/deliverance. Brother Warner does seem to voice some suspicion as to whether she was truly saved. He said things like: “she had the bonds of iniquity.” “She SEEMED willing to hear the truth.” “She professed to have found salvation.There seemed to be a change; but still there was something in her from which the Spirit of God in our heart recoiled.”

      What I find interesting is this woman first admits she was not FULLY saved (whatever that means), but she claimed to be a faith healer and some did get healed. She was healing under the power of satan and not God.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it very much.

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  2. I have known people who have struggled with demons internally, just “after” they came to a saving faith in Christ! One was my Pastor, who later was one of two top Exorcist in Baltimore City. He had been converted after dabbling with witchcraft. Then a battle insured, with the sensation of suffocation and other oppressive spirits making a hell of a ruckus, while the power of the Blood in Christ vacated the demons from the man.
    I have also known others who came out of “New Age” teachings, and also struggled to clean house, so to speak. Ultimately they were delivered, but still a battle for their soul took place first. Many people with no experience of demons, read the scriptures dogmatically in an “either or scenario”, as the Lord is ultimately stronger and sovereign.
    However the spiritual world is like a battleground – and like the Jews of old, we must often fight the Giants in the land before entering in. Thanks.

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      1. I get a little leary about speaking on demons, I sometimes loosely refer to some works the Lord has used me in, but feel my experiences may be viewed rather as sensationalism, rather than actual experiences… It seems that often times people pay little attention to what I post, maybe it is the grammar I use, or my spelling, I really don’t know?

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  3. Mannyr

    This topic is without a doubt very misunderstood by scholars and as well as much of Christianity. Please allow me to use real life experiences that glorify our Lord Jesus Christ. As a Christian who has had and by the Grace of our Lord continues to work in the area of Inner Healing/Deliverance.
    I speak for myself as being privileged to minister in and through the person of the Holy Spirit of God. There are many contrived examples of the misunderstanding in these two areas. These two areas Inner Healing/Deliverance must work together to bring lasting freedom to those who are bound.
    Deliverance without praying for wounds in people of God is simply put, not effective. Binding a host of demons and commanding they depart will expel them but ten minutes after leaving the building they return, Why? The root cause has not been dealt with in prayer led by the person of the Holy Spirit of God.
    Demons are practicing legalists of the highest order. They are malignant, injurious, and hate all who follow Christ. They are well versed in the language of the flesh (soul and body) and target these areas in believers.
    Christians love to quote that a born-again Christian cannot be possessed by a demon because the person of the Holy Spirit lives in them. Absolutely true BUT what does possessed mean? It means owned and controlled 24/7. The only Spirit that can possess you 24/7 is the Holy Spirit of God. Who must be invited and cooperated with.
    We are a tri-part being according the Apostle Paul as stated In 1 Thessalonians 5:23. In our soul (mind, will, emotions and desires) any area that holds unforgiveness our any character issues (personalities) is open to demons. Any area that has not been broken at the Cross of Christ. Demons work through areas of our soul and body and war against the Holy Spirit.
    Please remember we are positionally sanctified in Jesus and experientially being sanctified on earth as we live. I use a quote often to emphasize the wide spread issue of fear. “Please do not scare the sheep.” This is the number one weapon against Christians.
    2 Timothy 1:7 says, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, BUT of power and love and of a sound mind.”
    Allow me to give a testimony of the Holy Spirit’s work on behalf of a born-again believer. Notice I am saying it is the Holy Spirits work doing the deliverance through me and bringing healing to a very badly damaged Christian’s soul and body.
    Fred came needing healing and we began with basics. It was an immediate confrontation by spirits in Fred who threw him on the floor with harsh bodily actions. I commanded them to stop and for time to place him back in his chair.
    Many issues were confronted during this deliverance. Step by step we did what I ask most clients “How do you eat an elephant?” “Answer: “One bite at a time.” As we went through areas of wounding’s and traumas, Fred repented and asked for forgiveness. I would command the specific demons up and out because their legal rights no longer existed. In the process the Holy Spirit brought healing in all areas He wanted to deal with at this time.
    As I have stated it is a high privilege for me to be allowed to work and learn from the person of the Holy Spirit. We have no idea how much our Lord wants to heal us from issues in our lives that build and maintain walls to separate us from intimate times of refreshing with Him.
    I do not teach behaviour modification. I take wounded people to the Cross of Christ and reckon these issues dead in the name of Jesus and ask for His cleansing blood to cleanse one from all issues (sin) in there lives.
    I submit this post in deep humility and as a testimony of the love of our savior and Lord Jesus Christ.
    In His Service Mannyr

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    1. I’m no expert on demon possession, but I know they can and do happen. Even the Catholic church has hired more priests to be demonologists. I read a book by the late evangelist Derek Prince who was called by God into this field. He cast out many demons in his lifetime. He wrote of the time when he was at a training and had a bad cold. The man sitting next to him who had arthritis, laid hands on him and his cold was gone. The next day, Prince woke up and found his hands were stiff. His fingers were curled and very painful. He knew the spirit of arthritis went out of that man and into him.

      I have seen first hand, generational curses in families. Diseases and other conditions passed down for generations.

      You are right that counseling in behavior modification will not help such people. That’s the world’s way. Never works.


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