Laying On Of Hands

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“One evening we went home with Brother and Sister Frost. Sister Owen lives a close neighbor to them. Her daughter had been two days before taken sick. That night she was taken very bad, and she suffered extremely. Mr Owen wished to go for the doctor, but Lula begged her pa to send for us. Though he had been extremely prejudiced against us by some ungodly sectarian neighbor, he could not refuse the wish of his suffering child. He gave his consent, and at 2 o’clock we were called up, and went to the house in the name of the Lord. Lula had been praying the Lord to forgive her sins, and seemed to have found pardon, but she was in great suffering. Brother Fisher and I laid hands upon her, and in less than a minute her intense suffering ceased, and she rested until morning. Her body gradually recovered strength, and two days later she was out to the (camp) meeting. Praise the Lord, O my soul! The power of God since then so softened the heart of Brother Owen that he had turned to serve the Lord. His heart is so changed that he not only loves God but us also. May God bless the dear brother.”

The above is an excerpt from the book: “Birth of a Reformation: The Life and Labors of D. S. Warner. Warner was a Christian preacher during the 1800’s. Nowhere in the book does he claim to have the gift of healing, but he believed that a man of God not only preaches, but casts out demons and lays on hands when someone is sick.

Today, it is said that the gift of healing has ceased since it was meant for the Jews (who always required a sign) in order to show them that Jesus was the Messiah. After Jesus’ death and resurrection, His apostles and Paul healed people. Sometimes all one had to do was have Peter’s shadow walk past them and they were healed. Handkerchiefs and aprons that Paul had touched were taken to the sick and they were made well and evil spirits left them. (Acts 19:12) But soon they all lost that gift. Why?

In Acts 15 at the Jerusalem Council, Peter came to Paul’s defense and declared that from that point forward Jews had to be saved through the grace of the Lord Jesus in the same way as the Gentiles. Soon, the kingdom gospel that the apostles had preached to the nation of Israel (that they needed to repent from the sin of killing the Messiah and be baptized for the forgiveness of sins), came to an end. From that point on, everyone had to believe in Paul’s gospel to be saved. That Christ died for our sins, was buried and on the 3rd day He rose again. (1 Corinthians 15:1-4)

God sometimes still heals today, but often it is done without the agency of man. It’s all God. But what about the laying on of hands? Should a pastor/preacher do that? Some do, who do not claim to have the gift of healing and there have been wonderful testimonies of people being made well and whole. But it seems that preachers in the 19th century believed in it far more than those of today and they saw many miracles of God.

Some years ago I traveled with a busload of folks to attend Ernest Angley’s faith healing meeting. He’s an evangelist who claims to have the gift of healing. Being young and curious, I decided to take this trip to Ohio. On the stage, Angley stood before a very long line of people. As soon as he pressed his hand on their foreheads, they would drop like flies. Two men in suits had the job of catching them before they hit the floor and gently eased them down. Some of them lay motionless for several minutes. Sadly, not one person on the bus thought they were healed. I remember a blind man who had such faith that he would receive his sight. He was giddy and restless and full of hope. That night he returned to the bus completely deflated. I have since learned that Angley is a false teacher. He teaches that one must speak in tongues in order to be saved.

I remember reading a story about Elvis Presley. He said that he once laid hands on a sick person and they were immediately made well. The experience so terrified him that he never did it again.

14 thoughts on “Laying On Of Hands

  1. Dear Brother,

    The late Dr. Gross in Baltimore City “once was led” to lay hands on me for a severe back problem I had at the time, just after our Bible study. He would say that the ONLY TIME he could lay his hands on a person and have an actual healing of God, was when he was empowered to do so.

    My back was immediately straightened that evening, with the stiffness being drawn out into the minister’s hands. He told me, feel my hands; see how warm they are? This is of God, and if they were cold, this would not be a work of God, but of the enemy. Coldness is one of the tell tale signs of demonic presence. After this miraculous healing, I felt as if I wanted to go out and shout from the rooftops, for the whole world to hear! But Dr. Gross said to just be still for a while, and rather to rest.

    So “no one has the gift of healing upon demand”, you can’t schedule it, as it is like telling God when he can move, or can’t move. Many charlatan’s attempt to move in independence of the Lord, but unless He is willing, their efforts are all in vain. Additionally, many will come to him on that day saying “Lord, Lord, didn’t we cast out demons and do many wonderful works in your name? and He will reply to them, “I never knew you, depart from me you workers of iniquity”!

    I’m really enjoying the posts you make, thank you!

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  2. Good mornin brother.

    I have a question for the dispensationalism point of view.

    It’s totally in kindness, I’m not being un niceness to you.

    How does a dispensationalist account that in Romans 4, we’re told that Abraham and David was justified by faith, (David was under the law).
    And we see Jesus, (Who fully lived under the administration of the law), was full of grace, and repeatedly taught to believe on Him to be saved.

    So how does a dispensationalist say that anyone was justified/saved by keeping the law?

    Has anyone other than Jesus ever kept the law?

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    1. Lee I would be happy to answer you in an email if you wish. This post is about laying on of hands and I don’t want to derail the thread in the comments section. Besides, my response will take up too much space.


      1. Hi country boy, I am fixin to go to work, so I have to be brief.

        There is a tiny baptist church that I occasionally attended, but I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t know if I’ll ever return there.
        Because the finished work of Christ is never celebrated, and a couple of weeks ago I visited with the pastor about a site that’s linked to their site which promotes a false gospel. And he refuses to remove the link that connects the two sites together.
        So on some level, I think that he agrees with that other message linked to his site.
        And I’ve got a problem of conscious with that.

        Gotta run brother…


      2. Lee, I stopped attending denominational churches years ago. There is so much false teachings in many of these churches. They have gotten very liberal and are compromisers, instead of taking a stand for the word of God and rightly dividing it.

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      3. Don’t know the man. I usually don’t follow any one person. Les Feldick is a good bible study teacher but I am still a berean Christian in that I check the scriptures against any teaching. I am getting ready to write another post and then I will be offline for the rest of the day. Blessings brother!


      4. I hear ya buddy.
        I don’t know the Feldick man you like, but it’s your life to run as you see fit.
        (Hey, I see salvation by grace through faith from Genesis to maps).
        The tree of life, Vs. the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

        Have a great day my friend. And I enjoyed visiting with you. 🤠


      5. Israel and the Church are separate entities. Israel had the Temple, sacrifices. circumcision, etc. Water baptism was necessary. When Jesus fulfilled all of that, works were no longer needed. The temple veil was torn in half signifying no more Temple works. We now come to Christ alone by faith alone. Did the OT folks know that? Did the apostles teach it? No. If they had, then there would have been no need to commission Paul.

        Yes, faith was always necessary from Genesis to today, But not faith ALONE. There’s the difference.
        Law – from the giving of the law to Moses for the children of Israel to the calling of Paul, the apostle of the Gentiles. This applied only to Israel.
        Grace – from the calling of Paul, the apostle of the Gentiles, to the rapture of the church. We are now in this time of grace which is covered in Paul’s letters from Romans to Philemon.

        Have you read Deut 28? Israel had to do certain good things to be blessed by God. If they did bad they were cursed. They had to forgive or God would not forgive them. That’s also in the Lords Prayer. It’s Old Testament. We are not under that because as Believers we are totally forgiven.
        Have a blessed day. Lee. I will talk with you tomorrow morning.

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      6. Hi brother, good mornin.

        I’m very familiar with the dispensational perspective.

        (I used to be a dispensationalist).

        I just enjoy visiting with you for the fun of visiting. 👍🙂


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