Hyper-Grace: Truth Taken To Its Extreme

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For some decades now, we have been seeing a dramatic departure from true doctrinal and biblical teaching. In the pulpits of many churches they have gone from theology to therapy and from therapy to motivational speaking. Ministering in music has taken on greater importance. Almost anyone in the church is allowed to teach bible study whether they are qualified or not and often without personal accountability. Modern Christianity hardly speaks about sin. It’s the rare church that takes a stand against it and preaches on hell and judgment. Knowing how to rightly divide the word of God is also largely absent. I recently heard a well known pastor of a very large church say: ” We don’t teach doctrine because it gets in the way of evangelism.” Huh? Could you say that again?

There is this teaching that has been making the rounds of Christendom for a while now. Mostly those Word of Faith people push this, but it’s creeping into some of the churches. It’s called: hyper-grace. This is the belief that Christians should never confess any sins they have committed because they have been completely forgiven via the blood sacrifice of Christ. Since they are not responsible for their sin; anyone who disagrees with this is labeled a Pharisee. This “modern grace movement” exempts the believer in Christ from having a guilty conscience by perverting the grace of God into a license for immorality. Their attitude is: if you blow it, and do something bad or extraordinarily stupid, don’t bother God with it. Don’t look at it as having transgressed against God; it will only make you more sin conscious. Ignore it and just go about your business. The Holy Spirit will never convict you of your sins. So don’t ever deal with it!

This is not biblical grace. It is a counterfeit grace. It claims that there are no consequences for sin. For example: if a married man has an affair, no worry, he is under “grace.” Never mind that God has made the institution of marriage sacred. “What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” (Mark 10:9) Never mind that God hates adultery and all forms of fornication. Never mind that there are consequences. This is one of the greatest deceptions of satan. Genuine grace never compromises God’s holy standards. God never condones or overlooks sins.

Grace recognizes, admits to and repents of sin. Hyper-grace pretends that sin is no big deal to God, that God’s love simply overwhelms that sin and makes it nothing. Grace deals with sin. Hyper-grace ignores it. Hyper-grace is more in line with New Age teaching. That God is all love and we can do whatever we want.

While it’s true that believers in the Lord Jesus Christ are fully forgiven of all sins (past, present and future), unconfessed sins hurt our walk with God. It hinders our prayers because God will not hear those who never deal with their personal sins. Those who remain staunchly unrepentant. When this happens, one’s fellowship with God has been broken. For this reason we must confess; not in order to be forgiven, because a believer already is, but in order to restore our walk with God.


8 thoughts on “Hyper-Grace: Truth Taken To Its Extreme

  1. There is so much false doctrine creeping into the church due to new school, liberal scholarship and the slack teaching of the word of God. We are truly living in desperate times, spiritually speaking. Churches swell and overflow with people who come to hear these motivational speakers tell them how to live their best lives now and all that jazz but nobody wants to hear about repentance. It is a terrible situation and one that I fear will only get worse until our Lord returns and settles accounts with the world, setting up His kingdom and taking His rightful rule.


  2. You know something country boy, I’ve found an ironic paradox in religionland. (I’m not saying that everywhere is like this, but it has been typical in my encounters)…

    The ones who will preach about sin and hell won’t preach the genuine truth of grace.

    And the feel good motivation speakers won’t preach about sin and hell.

    I myself am still looking for the assembly that will preach about hell, and God’s chastening of His children.
    And will also unashamedly celebrate that all Christians are fully forgiven saints who are the righteousness of God.

    Both elements (the negative and the positive) need to be embraced.

    And a joyous good mornin to you. 😀👍


    1. Hey, you remember that small church that I told you about that I occasionally attend?

      I’ve brought up several times that we Christians are the righteousness of God, and I just get “that look,” from the people.

      Human pride just doesn’t want to hear that.


      1. Christians are indeed made righteous. However, we are not the Israel of God. Israel always means Israel. The Church (body of Christ) has not replaced Israel. The promises God made to them still belong to them.
        Have a blessed day, Lee. Stay in the word.


    2. Lee, there are Grace Churches that preach on hell, sin and judgement, as well as on God’s grace. They rightly divide. But I don’t think you would like them because they are dispensationists. 🙂


      1. I don’t shun anyone because they’re dispensational.

        That church I attend is dispensational, it’s nothing to me if they’re dispensational.

        But I get the stink eye whenever I bring up that were the righteousness of God.

        They just aren’t comfortable with that truth.

        Sometimes I feel like saying, we hear about how to behave all the time, and that’s great, we need to hear that.

        But when are we going to start celebrating that we’re the righteousness of God?


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