Which Church Should We Join?

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Just a few decades ago, it seemed that the worse sins in the churches were people leaving because they didn’t like the worship music or the way others would dress. When I was a kid and Catholic, we often attended Mass on Saturday evening. Some of us wore blue jeans. After all, it wasn’t the Lord’s Day (Sunday) and many had a casual attitude. Except for the older folks who were upset by this and thought it was disrespectful. Yet, I can’t help but wonder why these same folks didn’t complain that no one ever brought a Bible with them.

I remember attending a conservative Baptist church where the women were expected to wear dresses or skirts. If she wore pants, it would mean an unannounced home visit from the pastor and his wife for a friendly chat before the wife would finally get around to mentioning they have a dress code.

I knew one young mother who went through a dozen churches because they all had a choir. She was anointed with the gift of singing and felt she was robbed of using her gift if she couldn’t sing solo.

Then there was the problem with people leaving when their pastor stepped down, got fired or moved away. Sometimes nearly half the congregation (if it was a small church) would leave and followed him or join another church. Where was their loyalty? Was it to God and His word or to the pastor?

There was always a lot of church-hopping. Ask any new family that walks into your church about where they last attended and what happened. The percentage is good that they left because their pastor did.

Yet, all of these things are really so trivial compared to the state of many churches today. Thirty years ago I didn’t hear much about apostasy in Protestant denominations. Women pastors was unheard of. Even some non denominational churches have spiraled downward. They are supposed to be bible believing, bible teaching churches, and yet they aren’t rightly dividing the word of God. With all these new bible flavors of the month, each one different from all the previous ones and more diluted, it is no wonder that sermons and teachings have been watered down. A simple change such as leaving the word, “Lord” out of a verse can be very serious. It can demote Christ. It can cause a new Christian to question His deity.

Thirty years or so ago, most churches were using the King James Bible, especially the Baptist churches. It was THE Bible that was meant to be read in the churches. It even says so on the first page. Today you can be almost assured that the Bible you bring with you on Sunday morning, will not be the same translation that the pastor reads from or the person sitting next to you is holding. If you can’t follow word for word, you will get confused.

My wife attends a bi-weekly women’s Bible study. She always brings her KJV. The teacher insists that everyone get a NKJV. She claims it’s easier to read since they have taken out all the thee and thous. But, in reality, they have done more than that. The NKJV follows the same problematic and yes, corrupted, Greek texts as do all the other modern versions. They have had to make X amount of changes in order to qualify for a copyright. This means adding and deleting words. Sometimes an entire verse is missing.

Sadly, or I should say, alarmingly, the days are gone when all we had to worry about were parishioners arguing over carpet and wall colors or who they wanted to be the new pastor. Now one must be able to discern if what is being taught behind the pulpit is truly the word of God. And if it isn’t, which church do we join?

4 thoughts on “Which Church Should We Join?

  1. Good question and one we have dealt with here as there are no rightly divided Pauline dispensational Bible believing congregations within a few hundred miles of us. But since the body of Christ is the church of today and anytime and place is fine to assemble in we do house church now and watch online Livestream from a solid assembly or two and as we get more Bible believing rightly dividing members of the Body locally we will find new locations as needed. I would say the church to join is the body of Christ and assemble with Him to start with trusting His word to guide you and that will help you find the correct assembly locally, if it exists if not then use modern technology to join up with a more distant assembly till you can start one locally.

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  2. As far as the KJV-only debate, I tend to stay out of that one. I do see where so many people are church-hopping over the most trivial reasons and it is sad to see. The slightest thing that someone doesn’t like sends them out the door and down the street in search of a “better” church that will suit them more. People want to conform the church to themselves instead of being conformed to Christ. It is a terrible state we are in and one that Christ will put an end to when He returns for His church.

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    1. I love the KJV. I believe it’s the best translation. But I do find a few instances where better word choices should have been made. Knowing the Greek and Hebrew can sometimes help. You are right about people wanting a church that fits them. It has become a social club. Rather than a place where we get our spiritual food and equipped and trained as ambassadors of Christ.

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  3. I like the King James, but I also compare several other versions. I actually came to know the Lord with the help of the NIV, although I no longer use it. It is difficult to find a “church” that doesn’t have a very worldly character. I’ve yet to find one that doesn’t push an agenda.
    I don’t agree that we should discriminate against which Bible His children use, for it is rooted more in what Holy Spirit does within hearts in my view. Just like those who sit in pews or conform to the sinful world of organized religion. Knowing where traditions, practices and the Protestant (Roman Catholic -rooted derivative, yet closer to Biblical) aspects truly originated from under Roman rule, it is hard to blind myself to the truths. Others carry on within traditions unscathed. I just have to listen to His voice of reason and allow Him to lead me to the right place within my walk.

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