I Can’t Convince You There Is A God

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This morning I woke up with a heavy heart. I was thinking about friends, former friends, neighbors and many acquaintances who are spiritually lost. Some of them are members of “christian” cults. They believe in Jesus, but the wrong one. A jesus who cannot save anyone. They have been deceived into believing that God’s word, the Holy Scriptures, had been terribly corrupted by unscrupulous copyists and that only their own leaders were called by God to fix it by making numerous changes. Their “bibles,” the work of satan, are everywhere and used to deceive many more people.

I had a visitor recently who proudly held a copy of the New World Translation, the bible of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. He told me that he used to be a Baptist Pastor. He sold his soul to the devil and doesn’t even know it.

Years ago when my wife and I were moving out of our apartment and into a house we were renting, the only people who would help us move the heavy stuff were a group of Mormons. One of them, an older lady, shook her head and said that our church didn’t have all of the Truth, but we would get a second chance to hear and accept the Mormon gospel after we die. I still pray for her.

I’m surrounded by neighbors who don’t believe in God and want nothing to do with that “rubbish.” They are “good” people if you look at their works, but it’s all filthy rags to God who doesn’t know them. They are none of His.

Every once in a while I will remember an old girlfriend from way back who visited different denominations and spoke with pastors and priests. She asked them hard questions which none could or would answer. This led to a crisis of faith. Eventually she joined a cult. All these years later I am still praying for her.

I have a long list of people I pray for. People I have known and loved. A former co worker from back in the 90’s who was a dear friend. We took a group of kids to the zoo one time. As soon as we got there, a young man handed her a Bible tract. She threw it on the ground as if it was something disgusting, laughed, and said: “Eww, get that away from me!” I still pray for her.

If you are not a Christian, not a believer in the Lord Jesus, I can’t convince you that there is a God and His Son died for you. If you look out the window and think every wonderful thing you see was just an accident, I can’t convince you it had a divine Creator. I can’t convince anyone who is destitute of faith. But I can pray that God will open your eyes and give you a receptive heart.

5 thoughts on “I Can’t Convince You There Is A God

  1. Believe me I have a list too. It breaks my heart that I know many will never accept truth, never trust in Christ and His finished work of the cross for the forgiveness of their sins and their justification before God. Instead they will believe Satan’s lies and serve him, some openly, knowingly,but many others unknowingly having been led like sheep astray by believing another Gospel, following the wrong program, and trusting in Christ plus their works to save them. They believe man over God yet claim they live God, it’s a jacked up mess. And is actually the topic of the posts I am working on right now.

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  2. I have also dealt with many people over the years who have believed in all sorts of different Jesuses and religions. It is truly heartbreaking to see people dedicate themselves so fully to something that cannot save them All we can do is offer the truth and pray for them to see it before it’s too late. I remind myself that God loves them more than I do and hope that their day will come.

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  3. Keep praying and live a God centred life that worships Jesus. People see the difference between them and us and there will come a time when they need Jesus. In this time people wont run to their other friends, they will run too you because they know that you can point them to Jesus.

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