Baptism For The Dead?

Image by RomanKN on Pixabay

“Have you heard the latest?” a woman asked her companion. “A Jewish holocaust survivor is asking Mitt Romney to tell his church to stop baptizing dead Jews.”

“Yeah, I just read it in the Yahoo Headlines” the man said. “My ex-wife used to be Mormon and she said posthumous baptism is a doctrine of the Mormon church.

“Do you think Mitt will do it?

“Are you kidding! Mitt’s father IS the church!”

“I read somewhere that Mormons do not question their leaders whom they believe are prophets chosen by God. They believe everything they’re told.”

“The Mormons have a very old mantra that they adhere to. It says: “when the prophet speaks, the thinking is done.” Mitt, and every other die-hard Mormon, believes baptizing dead people is a doctrine taught by the apostle Paul. Unfortunately, they have misinterpreted the scriptures.

“Why, what did Paul say?”

“He asked why some were performing baptism for the dead. He never once said Christians were to do this. In fact, he was warning the Corinthian church against this pagan practice.” (1Corinthians 15:29)

“Sounds weird to me.”

“It is. It’s not in the Bible at all. Nowhere did God ever say we could baptize dead people. On the contrary, the Bible says if we die without having accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it’s too late.”

“I had also heard,” said the woman,” that young Mormons will pull names out of a phone book and have these folks baptized. They even get lists of those who died in concentration camps.”

“Yes, that’s what Elie Wiesel (a Jewish holocaust survivor) is all upset about. The Jews are God’s chosen people. They would never want to be baptized as Mormons.”

The woman was quiet for a few moments as if deep in thought. Suddenly she looked at the man with horror on her face.

“Oh my Gosh! What if Mormons baptize us after we die?”

“Well,” the man said, “maybe then we will have a chance to be a god and goddess on our own planet.”

The woman shook her head. “C’mon, let’s go in the theater.  “In The Hands Of An Angry God” is about to start.”

2 thoughts on “Baptism For The Dead?

  1. baptism of dead people, what next? dead animals? no it is only in life here on earth that people have the opportunity to receive the gift of Jesus and be baptism in water and Holy Spirit , before departing earth, not after.


    1. It is very sad what false religion teaches. Countless millions are deceived. They will be shocked when they have to face Jesus at the Great White Throne Judgment and He tells them He never knew them! All these works they do thinking it will greatly bless them in the afterlife when all Jesus asks is that we believe on Him and His sacrificial death on the cross for our sins and He had risen on the 3rd day.


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