There are words they say men should never use.

Words like lovely and marvelous.

But I use them

I don’t care

It’s neither here nor there.

If I want to wear a lavender shirt

or paint my house pink

I simply will.

Since when is color male or female?

I’m a non conformist

Societal norms

bore me

I really couldn’t care less.

I hope you like my lovely lavender shirt.

Isn’t my pink house marvelous?

(photo by Jack Cross on Unsplash)

22 thoughts on “Society

      1. a) you were never a thorn in my side and) I have blood pressure issues so it never hurts to keep an eye on it. You’re a good man. Are you sure you aren’t Charlie Brown at heart?


  1. threadbee

    Your pink house is as pretty as the blue one I had. It is funny how things that are gender neutral no longer are, or if they had an assigned gender to them, it no longer exists. Guys can be cat people, and like pink, girls can hunt and be astronauts.

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