What Does It Take To Cherish Someone

A fellow blogger wrote that it had been a long time since she had been “cherished for being me.” That got me thinking…

I believe God created us with the capacity to love because He is love. God doesn’t just love, it is His very being. As humans, we are flawed, defective, marred by sin and imperfections. There’s a tendency not to love. But to discriminate and judge. To feel nothing for those we call “unlovable.” We pick and choose who we deem worthy to receive our love. Reject those who are different in some way. I used to work with children. Some of them had special challenges. I saw the different attitude, the different treatment towards them and some people do it unconsciously, but it made me angry. I had a plaque on my wall that said: “It’s the unlovable child who needs our love the most.”

Back to the blogger who wrote that it had been a long time since anyone had cherished her for “being me.” I felt that- deeply. Something is very wrong with the world. Billions of people in it and often we can’t find someone who will love us for who we are and not try to change us. So what if I like to stomp in a mud puddle after it rains. So what if I like to sing when I think no one can hear me. So what if I get all goofy and act like a child sometimes. So what if I like to collect Hot Wheels. So what! These things make me uniquely me. And you won’t find another exactly like me anywhere in the universe. Nor is there anyone exactly like you. What does it take for someone to cherish me- or you?

11 thoughts on “What Does It Take To Cherish Someone

  1. So what if you’re you? Uniqueness is, in itself, a virtue. I was intentionally single for more than 20 years and for 10 years before my Big Mistake. I didn’t seek someone else. I never thought companionship was necessary to live a good life. I couldn’t have had some of my life experiences if I had. I never felt lonely. These days,though, the love of my life appeared in the mist. I’ll always remember that if I looked too hard, I would never have found him. Love life. It’s important.

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      1. I think I was just so burned from the first marriage that I felt I had to toughen up initially. It was a form of protection andpart of that hippie thing in my personality. I stopped ever seeking and letting it find me in God’s own time. Does that make sense?


      2. God is an eternal presence in my life. He knows everything. I call Him He here because it’s easier for humanity to understand, I think, especially me.


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