Just Breathe

Yesterday was panic and full on frenzy. My wife and I were outside doing some yard work. All of a sudden she couldnt breathe. We thought she was having an asthma attack. We came in the house and she grabbed her emergency inhaler. It did not help. Time for something stronger: the nebulizer. Her breathing was so shallow that she was slowing down. Her speech was slow. I had images of flatlining. I’m asking her where the nebulizer was. Finally found it in a bedside table drawer. Next I had to locate the medicine that you put in it. The cord was too short to reach the nearest outlet. I ran to another room to get the extension cord. Finally had it hooked up and ready to go. It wasn’t helping. I had to get an EpiPen and she jabbed it in her thigh through her clothing. By now we knew she needed to go to the ER, so an ambulance was called. She was nearly passed out when the paramedics arrived.

While at the hospital of course I was told I could not go in and be with her. What if it were her final moments and they kept us apart. I understand this fear of Covid, but I wore a mask. What threat was I? I would have agreed to stay 6 feet away from everyone and not touch anything, just let me be with her. I don’t care if I get the virus. Whatever kills me, so be it, I would be going “home.”

I waited in the car, knowing my wife would text me if she was able. They had given me a piece of paper with the phone # to the main desk in the ER to check on her status. Thirty minutes goes by and I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack. Then she sent me a text. She was still on the stretcher in the hallway and had not been seen by a doctor. Before I knew it, an hour and a half goes by and she’s still waiting in the hallway. They told her they were dealing with a combative person and a pregnant woman. Another 20 minutes… My wife was so angry that she walked right out of the building. She told a nurse she was leaving. Not much was said. No one went to get a doctor. No one said: I’m sorry. No paper to sign. Nothing. It was like no one cared.

She’s okay now, sleeping peacefully. I think I only slept two hours. Maybe it’s my imagination, but since this wearing a mask thing, people seem more uncaring. Lost in their own problems. We can’t see the smiles anymore. No one trusts anyone and everyone is considered a potential covid spreader. No one talks in the waiting room anymore either. Most people waited in their car although it felt like it was 100.°

I doubt our world will ever return to “normal” again. Whatever that is. I find myself thinking about heaven more.

24 thoughts on “Just Breathe

      1. This is why I went overseas the way I did. What you experiencert was non care. Red tape. Policy. As a former paramedic, I would have threatened them severely for their idiocy.

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      2. Exactly how it is, isn’t it? Even more so these days. I remember saving some lives 30 years ago. My experiences led my nephew on his path as a paramedic. Always thank your paramedics. They don’t get enough appreciation.

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      3. I can name some paramedics in Iowa who would do that same thing. It’s a lifetime dedication. They’re not there for pay. They’re there for compassion. Their hearts.

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