The Joys Of Grocery Shopping

Male shopper on cell phone: “Honey, what kind of cereal did you say you wanted? That’s what I thought, but I don’t see it… It’s in a yellow box? Yeah, nope, not here… Of course I’m sure. I have looked up and down… They don’t have it! I swear, it’s not here… Maybe they don’t sell it in this store…Wait, let me ask this guy.”

Male shopper talking to an employee: “Excuse me sir, do you sell? (he names the cereal)

Employee: “They haven’t made that cereal in years! (laughs)

Male shopper on cell phone: “Uh, dear? The guy said they stopped making this cereal….Well, that’s what he said…No, I’m not gonna ask for the manager! … Why are you yelling? Oh, for heaven’s sake! No, I’m not gonna try another store…What? No, don’t put your mother on the phone!” (hangs up)

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