God’s Favorite Color

When I am out driving I notice how green everything is. I like to joke and say green must be God’s favorite color. I wonder where’s all the yellow and orange? My favorite colors. But the earth is decaying. Dying. It could not have looked this dull in the Garden of Eden. God, who made thousands of species of spiders, butterflies, trees, plants, etc, surely would not create one color for much of nature. Before sin entered, colors had to have been much more vibrant; greener than green. Bluer than blue. Brown must have been a more beautiful hue.

Satan contaminates everything he touches. His prints are all over the earth. Nature is no longer breathtakingly luxuriant. Paradise lost. One day regained.

(Image courtesy of Pixabay)

11 thoughts on “God’s Favorite Color

      1. It’s cool to imagine if the world was my favourite colours, purple leaves & trees, lime green sky and sea and orange rocks, brown wood would still be true and cerise pink and black flowers lol. What a weird world, would I like it though? Lol

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  1. Sadly the world has been corrupted by sin, even nature has been affected but there’s still a lot of beauty in the things God has created that thanks be to God we can still see and enjoy today. If it was more beautiful than now are we even worthy of such indescribable beauty?

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