Just Quiet Thoughts

Do you ever wish that you could be a child again? Like a brand new toy coming down the assembly line freshly painted in near mint condition. To be innocent, undamaged and unconditionally loved. Never knowing the pain of loss, betrayal, abuse. Of love given and taken away. Death is just a word without meaning. It is all completely outside of my sheltered frame of reference at that tender age. To be protected. Shielded from life’s cruel onslaughts.

But sadly, in the real world, I am the only one I will never lose. Or am I?

5 thoughts on “Just Quiet Thoughts

  1. morgueticiaatoms

    I miss childhood for shallow stuff like Smurf glasses and Saturday morning cartoons. Mostly I miss my ignorance and hope. Not knowing life and people could be so cruel,thinking the future was limitless in I tried hard enough…oh how I miss that.

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  2. That’s a thought. “I am the only one I will never lose.” I think we miss absent friends and lovers while we are alive, but we love doesn’t die. We are always connected to our clan in life and in death. I am sure we have always been connected. Even your blog friends were meant to show up in your life for a reason. We all help each other to reach God with sharing our stories, big and small. You have become like a brother to me. And you can’t lose me. ❤️❤️

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    1. Thanks Sasha. What you wrote is so true. Good insight. I am grateful for the friends I’ve made on here. I know there’s a purpose for every person that we meet. Some stay while others go. You’re a very good friend.


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