My Words And Your Words

Sometimes I don’t understand people. They use the same words I do but somehow their sentences seem jumbled or they add more words until the meaning defies me. It’s like trying to talk to an atheist and God, as I know Him, means nothing or something else. To a religious zealot it’s a whole nother playing field. They put their own spin on the words I speak. These words are their words too, but their interpretations are outside my frame of reference and without meaning to me. Maybe it’s them. Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s my lack of education. Maybe they were taught by different teachers.

Even in conversations or text messages with a spouse it can be tricky. They expect you to always understand because of the years together. To successfully read between the lines. To “get” them even if they are vague or cryptic. It leaves me often doing comprehension gymnastics and word play.

Just because we use the same words doesn’t necessarily mean I will always understand you.

10 thoughts on “My Words And Your Words

  1. I get this. I often, invariably, say the wrong thing. This is a part of my disorder that few people understand. They bark at me. Then I end up having to explain myself six ways to Sunday. You would think I’d be used to it by now.

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  2. Do an online autism test. It’s not tricky. I got into so much trouble because as an autistic person I understand literally and often feel like you do. I understand all the words but I miss the information.
    I saw something on a meme that sounded important but I could not make head or tail of it. I sent it to my autistic daughter who decoded it for me. She’s done a degree in English literature and so for her it was easy. Being autistic and not knowing is like knitting blind. Since I got my diagnosis, so much makes sense. I don’t get jokes. I don’t get satire. But I can read your emotions from a ton of gymnastics I apparently do effortlessly. I think we are all autistic, some more than others. I also think it’s a gift.

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  3. Functionally autistic hides the gift. I was married to a genius high functioning autistic man and I am significantly autistic and my daughters are both also autistic. So what we thought were fights, were actually meltdowns. One melts down and before we knew it we had a group meltdown. Who knew? With hindsight, knowing would have been easier to live together.

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