Always Go Down Fighting

I have always wanted to imitate the Apostle Paul. He found a way to glory in tribulations. In times of suffering. To be content despite everything life threw at him. But I am not able to do that. I hate suffering. I hate adversity, limitations and infirmities. For me, suffering does not produce all those good things the Bible mentions: patience, perseverance, hope. I rail against it in a way similar to the poet Dylan Thomas who wrote that we should rage against the dying of the light. To not accept death passively. Although it can’t be avoided, it is still best to to go down fighting than not at all. This is how I feel about illness and tribulations that tries to throw my life and the lives of those I love, out of control.

In my younger days I used to have these arguments with God about suffering until I was hoarse. I’d start yelling: Why? You are love, God, how is any of this love? Sickness and death are horrible things. They were never a part of Gods orginal design. Such things did not enter the world until sin came due to the transgression of the first man and woman. God did not create suffering, diseases or death. Yet, He often gets blamed for it by hurting people.

When Jesus was getting ready to heal a deaf and mute man in Mark chapter 7, He prayed and let out a deep sigh. This was no ordinary “sigh.” The Apostle Paul used this same word a couple of times in his epistles. In the Greek it means a deep groaning reflecting strong inner emotions. Jesus, God the Son, was groaning inside. He undid this evil immediately and the man began to hear and speak. This tells us exactly what God thinks of suffering

4 thoughts on “Always Go Down Fighting

  1. Watch me get this wrong, but in my world, because we are human, suffering is what happens. When God through Christ has entered our hearts, suffering only becomes a roadblock we go around on our way to heaven. It is temporary. Eternity is our goal.

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