Loving Each Other In Heaven

On a Christian TV show there’s a panel of 5 pastors who answer email and phone calls on Bible questions from viewers. A call came in from a man who said his wife had died a year earlier. She was a believer in Jesus Christ (as was he) and no doubt in heaven with the Lord. He asked these pastors if he and his late wife would be married in heaven. Each pastor said the same thing, citing Matthew 22, and saying that in Heaven we neither marry nor are given in marriage.

Does the Bible really say this or has this passage been misinterpreted and abused so often that few even understand what Jesus actually said? I was curious enough to look into this further.

Jesus was speaking to the Sadducees (a religious political group of Jews) who did not believe in the resurrection of the dead. (Acts 23:8) So they asked Jesus a trick question by saying, the Law says if a man dies, leaving his wife childless, his brother is to marry her and bear children. If the brother dies, then the next brother is to marry her. They mention 7 brothers in total. So, in the resurrection, the Sadducees asked, whose wife will she be since all 7 married her?

Jesus makes no mention of what will happen in heaven, but rather he speaks about the RESURRECTION. In the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage. Heaven is a place, the resurrection is an event. Also, Jesus always spoke to Jews. That was His ministry. He did not preach Christianity or the Church. That began with Paul.

So, will there be marriage in heaven? The Scriptures is silent on this.

9 thoughts on “Loving Each Other In Heaven

    1. What is interesting is that we will still be male and female. Still two genders. There has to be a reason for this. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I think our capacity to love in heaven will be so much more beautiful than sex.

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  1. I don’t suppose there will be a need to procreate and therefore no sex. I don’t know if we are aware of our sexual orientation in the afterlife. We may just be sparks of light. My mind just went to fireworks. Not that. My problem is what will be doing? Will we work at something? There is so much we don’t know. All I feel sure about is it will be great. Nothing like eternal torment.

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    1. I agree we won’t be procreating. We will have a body like Jesus’ and he can go through doors and walls and be anywhere in a split second. I think God will give us responsibilities. Rev. talks about Jesus ruling in Jerusalem and Israel having preeminence over all the other nations. So maybe we will have assignments on the earth. We also will be judging angels. I once heard a Christian ask why are there other planets and only earth has people on it. That got me wondering. Will God have us visiting these planets and will they be teeming with life? Who knows. God can do anything.


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