Letting God Out Of That Box

I was friends with this Christian lady on Facebook whose dog had been ill and recently died. She was inconsolable and poured her heart out to God. Then she had a vision or dream where she saw her dog healthy and happy running through a beautiful meadow. She knew this was God wanting to comfort and reassure her. She was so overjoyed that she posted about this on Facebook and got over 50 responses from Christians who needed to hear this. Sadly, she died not long afterward. But what a gift she left to others.

God can grant us our heart’s desires. There’s so much about heaven and life on the new earth that He has hidden from us. But one thing we do know is that it will be glorious beyond anything we could possibly imagine.

I think too many people limit God. Some preachers will tell us that because animals do not have souls they will cease to exist after death. That’s limiting God. Ask pet lovers what they believe about this. Their longing to be reunited with their pets are so strong, the bond so tight, that I cannot imagine God would be insensitive to this. God is fully capable of resurrecting our beloved fur babies. I believe He will do it because that’s the kind of God I serve. And because the afterlife means joy unspeakable.

7 thoughts on “Letting God Out Of That Box

      1. They do have distinct personalities. My cats were like my little children. Sometimes acting like toddlers. Baby Bop was my #1 bug killer. Little Bit was shy and not a lap cat but she went after mice. Whiskers was my nurse. Sheba was the lady of the house and Freddie the only boy and the last one left, loves everybody.

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