The Attorney Who Dropped Dead

I was very shocked to learn that my alter ego had recently visited an attorney. He rehearsed to me the conversation that took place in the late Mr. Brown’s office.

Mr. Brown: “What brings you here, sir?”

Ego: “I want to sue a business.”

Mr. Brown: “Okay. What is the complaint?”

Ego: “They have refused to pay me.”

Mr. Brown: “How long had you been working there?”

Ego: “Sixteen and a half years.”

Mr. Brown: “When was the last time you got a paycheck?”

Ego: “I have never gotten a single check.”

Mr. Brown: “What!? You have never been paid all those sixteen and a half years!?”

Ego: “That’s correct.”

Mr. Brown: “Oh, boy! This is the case I have been waiting for! We’re gonna be rich, my friend!”

Ego: “We are?”

Mr. Brown: “Oh yes, indeed! We are going to sue the pants off of them!”

Ego: “I’m gonna be a millionaire?”

Mr. Brown: “Pretty darn close. What is the name of this business?”

Ego: “Ace Lawncare”

Mr. Brown: “All right. What did you do there?

Ego: “I mostly mowed grass.”

Mr. Brown: “Okay. And who was the person that hired you?”

Ego: “No one.”

Mr. Brown: “What do you mean?”

Ego: “I’m just an alter ego. A figment of some crazy guy’s imagination.”

Mr. Brown: “You mean… you… are… not… real??”

Cough… choke… gasp… ack… sputter…


Ego: “Mr. Brown? Mr. Brown? Crap! I thought I was gonna be a millionaire and he had to go and drop dead. What a flipping loser!”

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