Era Of The Encyclopedia Salesman

Growing up in the 1960s, we had a set of encyclopedias that were 20 years old. That was our World Wide Web. My father insisted they were good enough for eternity when a salesman came and tried to sell him a modern set for $29.99. A lot of money in those days. I thought I was going to flunk the 4th grade without these books. My sister too was wailing. But my father stood his ground and said facts do not change.

When a different salesman tried to sell us a photo he had taken of our house while in a low flying airplane, my father in his quiet patient way with people, said he could climb one of the trees across the road and take a photo himself on his instamatic camera.

Then there was that vacuum cleaner man who came bustling into our living room showing us all the latest attachments for the brand new Hoover. My father quickly told my mom to show this man our 22 year old Kirby that you just cannot kill and it still sucks like a…. šŸ˜š

I miss those days and the simple wisdom of my father.


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