A Man With Class

I like the time when men were more dapper. Refined. Debonair. When they carried classy objects in their pockets. Without them they weren’t ready for the day.

A pocket watch on a chain became necessary for the man of means in case he met a lady who inquired as to the time.

“Two minutes after midnight, madam.”

Silver/gold flip top lighter for her long filter tip cigarette.

“Do you have a light, sir?”

A handkerchief, not only to hawk up nasty, bloody phlegm, but should he encounter a damsel in distress.

“Here, take my hanky. This one’s clean.”

A pen knife to whittle a gift out of wood.

“Just a little something I made myself.”

Jingle of coins for that boy on the street corner who yelled: “Read all about it!”

“Terrible headline, that!”

And the one selling roses.

“How much for half a dozen?”

Nail clippers with file and a comb tucked neatly in a back pocket to use just before meeting his lady friend or mistress.

“How do I look, sweetheart?”

A small flask filled with brandy in case he gets kicked out by his lady friend or mistress.

“But baby, I love only you! I swear!”

Pocket pistol just in case…

a pickpocket reached into his back pocket.

“Hey, you scoundrel! That’s my billfold! Stop or I will shoot!

Now that’s a man with class.


photo by Sam Mgrdichian on Unsplash

11 thoughts on “A Man With Class

  1. I do, more of a back pack. Coworkers call it my Mary Poppins bag, I usually can pull out whatever they need out of it. One day, it was a can opener, lol.

    Purse comes with into work, but when running errands stays in the car, everything I need for the short stops is in my pockets.

    On the rare occasions I’m not dressed in jeans, I have a more typical purse I can carry my pocket contents in instead.


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