See You At The Polling Booth

Like every good American

I voted.

I searched and researched

the lesser evil

My choice was based on my conscience

The things I believe in

Yet none I voted for won

It’s a recurrent theme

The lies and crookedness continues

Always does always will

Nobody will clean up anything

But back to the polling booth

I will go next time

because it’s my inalienable right

See you there.


Photo by Manny Becerra on Unsplash


8 thoughts on “See You At The Polling Booth

  1. And sometimes, voting became, the people’s only, mean of, silently, objecting to the governments’, dictatorship ruling styles, and, no matter how we try to fight, it’s of, no, avail, because a corrupt political party still takes, control over our, governments…but we still, go to the voting booths, because we think, that our votes, mattered…

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    1. For a number of years I didn’t vote. I kept getting told that as a Christian it’s my responsibility. So I registered and have voted ever since. But I still wonder the difference just one vote makes because I haven’t seen it.


  2. We continue to carve out time to cast our vote in case it truly is the one that makes a difference. We pray that it does, get disheartened when we see the obvious deception that goes on, hidden with the power of a dollar. And yet, we try again and again in the hope we can make a change.

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