Like It Once Was

I want it to be as if it were the very first time. As if love was still a mystery. Like adolescents who marvel at the wonder of it all. This taboo, grown up thing

I want it to be like it was then- beautiful and brand new. A time to explore, to discover, this thing called: love.

I want it to be as it was when our bodies were young and we still maintained a certain innocence and naivety. A time when heaven met earth during those few minutes or hours together. When our eyes were still shiny and not tired and careworn.

I want it to be like a tornado. While in the throes of our love the world ceased to exist. Where we created and got lost in the makings of our own whirlwind.

I want it to be like the very first time you said to me – “Ti amo.” That first tug at my heart.

I want it to be so many things…

3 thoughts on “Like It Once Was

  1. My dream is for the deep love, the calm in the storm, the messages without words. The simple hand to hold, and the knowing someone is always there to have your back, even when you are at your worst. Heartfelt prayers to all seeking love….

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