Everything Was Bigger Back Then

To a child riding in a car

everything is bigger



Those giant power lines

Transmission towers

were steel Superheros on massive steroids.

Or something terrifying from outer space!

Imagine these things taking over the world

Walking slowly from right to left

Electrically charged

Shaking the ground beneath them

Destroying everything in their path.

Crushing your house with one steel foot.

“Grandma! Is she okay?”

“I’m afraid she’s slime now, son.”

It becomes an adventure.


yet exhilarating

You wish you had brought your Star Trek Phaser gun.

You’d blast them all to smithereens.

The miles of huge billboards out in a field.

Advertising juicy hamburgers big enough for these tower monsters

An hour’s drive to a kid feels like a trip to another planet.

Everything was so much bigger back then.


Photo by Rodolfo Marques on Unsplash


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