Your Camper Is Too Tall

The neighbor across the way.

Suspicious activity?

Yes, there’s a camper in their driveway!

Oh! God help us all!

A few people taking pictures

of everything

The house

The camper

The backyard.

Not State Police

Not anyone in uniform

Just regular folks with their phone camera

The county?

Code Enforcement official?

They knock on front door

Type on their phone

Slip papers in the mailbox

Someone’s camping in the camper

There are rules and regulations

Must have license plate

Be at least three feet from any structure

Have water and electric

A sanitary way to dispose of human waste

Need approval from the neighborhood

Just one complaint from a grumpy neighbor is all it takes

“Too unsightly”

“Lowers property value”

Never mind that it’s on your own land.

That you pay your taxes

You could be fined

Or worse

Because your driveway abuts the street

It’s the same as parking your camper on the street.

The backyard is fine

Just completely conceal it.

Behind a 10 foot tall fence

If your neighnor can see the roof of it

It’s too tall

An 11 foot camper

Here’s another citation


Photo courtesy of Pixabay



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