When Chaos Comes To Town

I feel a draft on my neck

Someone’s cold winter breath

The former pumpkin, Jack

has frightenly come back

He was killed on Halloween night

There was heard a massive splat!

Now reborn and chillier than ever

Jack Frost has come to town.

Wreaking havoc on the weather

From the north pole

and all around.

Beware of his spit and dribble

For an icicle you will be

Never let him have a nibble

Run as far as you can flee

Until the Spring thaw

when freezing, evil Jack

will melt into the sea


Image courtesy of Pixabay

25 thoughts on “When Chaos Comes To Town

      1. Jeg

        I lived in the USA for a short period, I enjoyed the white Xmas as I got the experience of walking to work fighting the heavy snowy wind… it became a sport to wrestle the wind. A half hour walk took us 1.5hrs to make it to work.

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