No More Books

Five years ago my attention span went for a walk.

He never came back

Once an avid reader

I can no longer enjoy a book

My mind drifts

The page becomes blurry

Boredom sets in

I lose my patience

It’s nothing but a jumble of words

The interest isn’t there

Just meaningless blather

Nothing holds my concentration

I miss Dickens, Orwell and Camus

A Brave New World

Farenheit 451

Dystopian and Absurdism

The Ballad Of The Sad Cafe

I can’t finish it.

One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich

I can’t even begin.


(Photo by Markus Clemens on Unsplash)


17 thoughts on “No More Books

  1. Have you tried audio books while you are doing something else? I enjoy them while I drive, do dishes, or crochet….as long as my hands are busy I can get lost in the story.


  2. Try less demanding reads. Find the frivolous which relaxes the brain rather than challenging it often helps me. The brain changes are difficult, as I have experienced them. The love of books remains. I hope you find a groove that suits you.

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      1. I had a similar experience and have similar advice. I was reading very deep philosophical books, and found myself almost dreading reading. I switched to my old love of fantasy and sci-fi, and rediscovered the fun of just losing myself in another world.

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  3. It took me, many years before I started, reading again, after I graduated out of my, university studies, and, during the time when I couldn’t, pick up a book, to, just read for, pleasure, it was hard, but, I just had to, let this “I can’t pick up a book and read it”, wear itself out, and now, I found that, lost love, back. You just, can’t, push yourself, to, start reading, because, that will make you hate it, even more, you just have to, wait it out, and, have faith, that your love of reading, will, return, soon, in the, future.

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