Swords Into Ploughshares

The forest is no longer dense.
In fact, it is quite bare.
You have chopped all the trees.
Leaving behind tinder
just waiting for a single match.
The wild animals have long since
fled for their lives.
Man having forced them out of their natural habitat.
They now roam our backyards.
You search drawers for your box of ammo.
Denying you are the reason they have come after us.
The reason the fishery is nearly dried up.
What little is left no longer takes the bait.
Reindeer are scarce.
You call them caribou because they are wild.
Grizzly and Black bears now becomes the hunted.
What will you do in the future
when the wolf lays down with the lamb?
Where you will be asked to lay down your weapons
and walk behind a plough

2 thoughts on “Swords Into Ploughshares

  1. Absolutely spot on. I’m in the UK and more often than not, profits will be placed before the natural world. Trees which have thrived for hundreds of years are taken down just so humans can build an entirely unnecessary railway through a stretch of greenbelt land. Same with animal species. It’s as if they are an inconvenience to humans when it’s humans who are trespassing on their land. One day, we will go extinct and Mother Earth will be able to breathe again.

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