What’s Wrong With Protestantism?

D.S. Warner (photo from Wikipedia) I am currently reading a book about the life and labors of D.S. Warner, a Christian preacher who was born in 1842. What is most interesting about reading such an old book, (it was first published in 1921) is that Christians in the 19th century, did not have some of …

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Who Interprets The Scriptures?

I was raised in the Roman Catholic faith, but it was a friend who took me aside one morning in the school cafeteria and told me about Jesus. I believed what I heard, acknowledged I was a sinner, repented, asked for forgiveness, confessed Christ as my Savior, and from that moment I was spiritually born …

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The Afterlife: Waiting Forever In Line At A Sandwich Shop

Photo by Carmine Sevarese on Unsplash Last night I watched a program on TV about what different religions believe concerning the afterlife. Several Jewish men, one of whom was a rabbi, were interviewed while waiting in line at a deli. They were asked what they believe happens when we die. The jovial rabbi said when …

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