A Man And His Wife

A man is eating bacon and eggs in front of the TV when the phone rings. "Hello?" He hears nothing on the other end except for light breathing. He quickly hangs up. Two and a half minutes later the phone rings again. "Yello?" he garbles with egg dripping down his chin. "Uh, Louise?" "Do I …

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Overheard In A Grocery Store

Male shopper on cell phone: "Honey, what kind of cereal did you say you wanted? That's what I thought, but I don't see it... It's in a yellow box? Yeah, nope, not here... Of course I'm sure. I have looked up and down... They don't have it! I swear, it's not here... Maybe they don't …

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The Beauty Of Old Age

It must be wonderful to grow old with someone. Both of you with beautiful silver hair. Knees that creak in the dark on the way to the bathroom. The two of you wearing hearing aids and always saying: "Huh? What's that? What did you say? Was that the door?"