I went hunting today – inside my house

I woke up to the sounds of cat barfing. This means snapping on all the lights and going on a scavenger hunt. Wee! Fun times! Sometimes Freddie likes to hide it by puking inside one of my floor heat registers. That would be great if it came with a flushing mechanism. Instead I have to …

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Aunt Jennie

After my paternal grandmother's death, it left just my aunt Jennie alone in that big old house. She was the oldest of nine children. The only one born in Italy who came with my grandmother to Ellis Island, New York at the age of four in 1911. She was originally named Vincenta, but like a …

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Unsightly Bug Photo

I stepped out on my front porch this morning when I spotted this ant trying to drag whatever this dead bug is. I just had to snap a picture. Poor thing gave up after a couple of minutes. It started crawling around before returning to try once more to drag this big juicy meal home.