This could have been Whoville The home of little Cindy Lou Who The only child who saw Santa and was greatly disappointed Not only was his face green but instead of giving gifts, he was stealing them Tsk Tsk The nasty green creature was caught red handed. ------------------- (Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel)


The Dollhouse

A svengali Fixer of lifeForcing solutions Manipulating conversations The proverbial gaslighterPretending to know what's best for everyone The world is for his insane amusement You are just one of the dolls in his dollhouse

Winter Eve

There is nothing to compare to a winter eve just as the sun starts to leave In a village white with snow lights in windows begin to glow As flakes lazily swirl and fall A lone Magpie has come to call --------------------- ("The Magpie" painting by Claude Monet)